Thursday, October 31, 2013

Con Man Frank Cali will be behind bars soon!

A donation was made today to help us with the fight against Mr. Frank Cali!  Thanks JJ

 Frank Cali Exposed

Frank will be in jail soon. Frank has given out private information  regarding Team Tracker & Rick Dyer
We found out today that was criminal NOT civil. (A report was made}

Frank Cali is so poor, he can't be sued, however, there are many other options open. His career was not very successful that's why he eats out of a cereal box, and blames everyone else for his state of poverty. In fact, Frank can only blame himself in working such low paid positions for his working life.

The breach of confidenti​ality is not of man who has ever held a position in office.

His media career was in public radio and country radio, he was not talented enough to be on a major city radio program.

As for the job in the White House, we do not believe him, any man who lies as much as him would not last very long.

A PI was hired today :)

Friday, October 25, 2013

Tom Stickel addicted to prostitution! Explained

A few months before their wedding, David Prior (not his real name) told his fiancée Sue his biggest secret. Although the couple had a good sex life, and were committed to a future together, he was addicted to visiting prostitutes.
Perhaps surprisingly, the wedding went ahead. "I was horribly shocked, but I thought that with some therapy he'd get over it," says Sue, 42. Fifteen years and two children on, the couple are still together – but David's sex addiction, too, is with him still. "I don't think we could possibly have imagined that it would be as long-term, or as difficult, as it has been," says Sue.
David and Sue are clients of a sexual psychotherapist, Paula Hall, who last month published the UK's first comprehensive guide to what sex addiction is – she defines it as "a pattern of out-of-control sexual behaviour that causes problems in someone's life" – and how its sufferers can be helped. No one knows how many sex addicts there are in Britain but, says Ms Hall, in her professional judgement it's hugely on the increase.
"I run training sessions on understanding sex addiction, and four years ago I might have been training six therapists a year," she says. "Now I'm doing 20 sessions annually,

Monday, October 21, 2013

Con Man Frank Cali Live With Team Tracker at 546 PST Chat hangouts

haters welcomed

Frank Cali in his own words! Please emails from FRANK! :)

This was from Frank last night!

Got you upset with the truth didn't I. You must have crapped your pants when I told truth about not seeing body.
Waste your time making videos of me SAYING I say the body? It doesn't matter.  I got YOU on tape that night when you took me for freaking ice cream and I will release it IN YOUR OWN WORDS.

Frank has nothing because it never happen! FYI I hate Ice Cream!

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Breaking News Team Tracker Show Live at 5pm PST 8pm EST ask your ?  Chat

Skyla Ballard Guillen is Death to a hoax, Steve Lane and many others..

  • Skyla Ballard aka Death to a hoax, Steve Lane and many others Loves to hide behind fake names
    and puts what she thinks are peoples addresses on line for the world to see.

    Skyla's address:
    5174 NE 6th Ave Oakland Park, FL 33334-3373
     . Shows  apartment complex on google maps.

     Her husband name is Ivan Guillen

                                               This is why she hides behind a Fake Name

                                                      RacerX AKA Randy Filipovic

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

"Sasquatch Genome Project claims Bigfoot is both real and part human"

By: Lynk Paul - Editor, Team Tracker


This controversial study has indeed caused quite a stir among Bigfoot enthusiasts and researchers over the past five years since it's inception.


 I swear I didn't give anyone any samples from me nor did they use me as a control sample source

Some people in the Bigfoot community are per-maturely celebrating what they say is new scientific proof that Sasquatch exists. But based on what exactly? A five-year genetic study funded by Bigfoot-believing businessman Adrian Erickson? The Sasquatch Genome Project, lead by Melba Ketchum, claims to have sequenced three complete nuclear genomes of the legendary beast and found it is a new type of hominin hybrid that arose approximately 15,000 years ago.

Although this can be considered to be quite exciting news to the average person who do not fully understand the history and science behind this creature and this study, many samples were submitted for DNA testing in this project by researchers from all across the country and for the past 5 years, these alleged samples have undergone many tests by a few DNA labs. But for the samples that came back as known, dog, bear, coyote, skunk, deer, Moose, or even human; there WERE samples that came back as unknown and were classified as contaminated.

For carefully controlled samples that came back as unknown, not contaminated, what source did they use to compare and confirm that the sample did indeed come from a real Sasquatch in the first place???

“Our study has sequenced 20 whole mitochondrial genomes and utilized next generation sequencing to obtain 3 whole nuclear genomes from purported Sasquatch samples. The genome sequencing shows that Sasquatch mtDNA is identical to modern Homo sapiens, but Sasquatch nuDNA is a novel, unknown hominin related to Homo sapiens and other primate species,” the group said in a press release.

At a news conference held Tuesday in Dallas, Texas, the researchers shared “never before seen HD video” of a furry, “reddish-brown Sasquatch specimen” snoozing in the Kentucky woods. Not suprisingly, the video has gone viral.

“People have chosen not to believe it,” Erickson told CBS Dallas-Fort Worth. “They can’t find it in their minds to think these things exist.” Erickson spend $500,000 on the study.

According to lead researcher Melba Ketchum, a veterinarian and genetics scientist, her team sent various samples of hair, blood, saliva, and skin, to multiple labs around the U.S., including to New York University (NYU), UT Southwestern, and the North Louisisana Crime Lab to be tested.
“We want people to understand this is a serious study” Ketchum told CBS.

The trouble is, a representative from NYU told the New York Daily News that the university has never had dealings with Ketchum or accepted any data or samples from the Sasquatch Genome Project.
And the NYU statement isn’t the only challenge to Ketchum’s credibility. The Louisiana crime lab told the Daily News that while scientists there extracted some DNA from bones she sent them, she sent the sample for analysis elsewhere.

Another problem is that the Sasquatch Genome Project has yet to provide any credible substantiation of its claims, although Ketchum’s team said on their website that scientific journals have refused to publish their findings because “mainstream science just can’t seem to tolerate something controversial.”

But Todd R. Disotell, an NYU professor of anthropology, told UPI that Ketchum’s claims are “just a joke” and nothing more than “junk science.”
“This was not reported in any scientific way whatsoever,” Disotell said. “It’s complete junk science, and then she misinterprets it. She hasn’t published in peer-reviewed papers on this stuff. I don’t know how this got put together.”


Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bigfoot's Son Rocks Out!

By: Melissa Harsh - Team Tracker

Have you guys heard this news story yet? It's pretty hilarious, though not
for the victim. Unless his idea of hilarious is getting repeatedly hit in the
head with a baseball sized rock by a naked man who's screaming about being a
descendent of Bigfoot. If that IS his idea of hilarious he just had the
funniest day of his life. Let me explain.

It all started on Thursday morning, October 10th, when 58 year old Jeff
McDonald decided to go out hunting in the woods behind his house in rural
Washington County, Oregon. This was not something McDonald did often, and
something tells me that after this he won't be hunting for a long time.

Everything was going fine, until McDonald suddenly spotted a naked man,
whom he quickly realized was the 20 year old Linus Norgren, the son of his
neighbor, coming directly towards him. Norgren had a baseball sized rock and
began hitting McDonald with it over and over. Eventually McDonald was able
to fight off the man, but not before receiving a dislocated shoulder, a
broken finger, and an injury to his eye. All while the man yelled and
screamed about Bigfoot.

Luckily McDonald had his hunting rifle with him, which he used to hold
the deranged man at bay while he called for help. But help wouldn't
arrive for 90 minutes because the state police troopers and county deputies
that responded to the call got lost in the dense forest where McDonald
and Norgren remained. Eventually they were forced to use air horns to
locate the pair.

Now for the shocking part- police believe Norgren was under the influence
of some sort of drugs! Can you believe it? Haha, let's hope it was drugs
and not just regular old craziness. Norgren was arrested and faces a bunch
of charges. McDonald will recover just fine from his injuries.
So just remember kids, drugs are bad, Bigfoot is good! m'kay?

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If you haven't ordered the PPV yet...What are you waiting for?


Sunday, October 13, 2013


By: Jason Judd  - Team Tracker
Anthropological Manager
Research and Discovery

Firstly, I do understand the theory of evolution, and I have read it, along with the hundreds of journals that suggest it’s acceptance in the community; however, what we actually have is proof of millions of species all living at the same respective time throughout history. Millions still exist and millions went extinct—two are extant (supposed to be extinct). This is not a story of “how” all the species came to be, but rather a story of “what we actually have proof of”—millions of species.

Hi, I’m a platypus and I’m supposed to be extinct….or at least that is what science keeps telling me. I’ve been around for 124 million years without any change. I live in the Outback and don’t have any cousins that resemble me at all! I am the best thing out here! I don’t have to change! I didn’t even ride the continental drift back when it was called Gondwana! My family was here and I stayed. Thank God my DNA is coded for random mutation allowances that sustain my genome, which has allowed me to reproduce for this long and stay just how I am! Is that a fresh-water shrimp? MMmmmMMM, I’m glad those suckers are still here for me to eat. Those cool electroreceptors on my bill allow me to find them….what? You don’t have those? I wonder where I got mine from then.  Wait; aren’t you more evolved than me?

I do accept, and agree with, natural selection, which occurs through ecological, climatical, sustenance, predation, and/or major extinction level events. Natural selection is an adverse genetic coding that allows for slight mutations over hundreds of generations. Random selection, which is argued “for” evolution is a genetic mutation that does not succumb to the natural selection processes which occur in nature.  How? DNA cannot see nature. So basically, DNA has written into it an allowance of slight mutations that can and do support population growth of a species—to include some sub-species mutations like color, dental differences, growth factors, brain volume and miniscule morphological changes that may or may not be seen. ßremember that…..

                Let’s talk about the dog for a little bit. It is generally accepted by 99% of all communities that all of the different types of dogs originated by a wolf. Subsequently, it has evolved to all the different sub-species, right? Deeply thinking, the dog’s evolutionary trail was intelligently intervened by……? …….us! We were smart enough to tame the wolf and then make cuter and nicer dogs that we could play with and love based off our imaginations and creativity and not through natural or random processes. 

Thus, allowing the acceleration of slight mutations like color, dental differences, growth factors, brain volume and extreme morphological changes that ARE seen. ßdoes this sound familiar? It is, but it’s “Accelerated random selection.” But!!!!, with intelligent intervention doing the selection from the mutations. Do you think that a “Chihuahua” could live in the wild on its own, survive, and sustain its sub-species? Or do you think it would “die off” and become extinct? Would it ever have been a species even if they had millions or hundreds of millions of years to evolve? Good questions right? 

Amazingly, only the dogs that still resemble the wolf (fox, dingo, & wolf) are the only ones that still survive to this day in the wild…..miniscule morphological changes……ßthis is normal natural and random selection at work….millions of years with zero species to species change. Only the tough that survived ecological, climatical, sustenance, predation, major extinction events, survived; alas, the rest went extinct. This is what we actually have fossil records of. Critters that weren’t able to survive all of the global changes that have been proven throughout the earth’s life.

That is the real, actual proof. Millions of species survived and millions of species didn’t. Those that could adapt are still here and unchanged from their own fossil record.

Where does Bigfoot tie into all of this? Well, scientifically, would you agree that we once had a hairy bipedal hominid walking around sometime in history? Science has already placed Australiopiths with hair. They also place Homo Habilis with hair. The controversy is that H. Habilis is only 2million years old based off the oldest fossil that they have currently found. Science has dated A.afarensis at 4 million years. Recently, according to AAAS Science, a metatarsal that is identical to H.habilis and to Neanderthal was discovered. Because this 2” fossil is dated at 4million years, they have agreed to place the bone on the foot of A.afarensis. 
 Why? It is because of the age. In their current accepted evo-model, H.habilis isn’t supposed to be around at 4Mya. So, A.afarensis now has a “human looking foot.”  A.afarensis is a completely, both
transformationally and morphologically, different critter. A.afarensis needs millions of years to “evolve” to be H. habilis. Because the Dr. suggested A.afarensis, the paper was accepted into the evo-model. But this metatarsal has thrown a kink into the mix. So with this discovery, H.habilis was indeed around at 4Mya and two of them were caught walking through Laetoli, Tanzania, Africa 3.7Mya.

So, with natural selection and random processes, we know without a doubt that mutations like color, dental, growth, brain volume and miniscule morphological changes that may or may not be seen can and do occur. In several cases, many creatures have a growth hormone encoded that allows for a larger surface area to maintain heat. Strangely enough, the same scientific community states that Neanderthal shrank to retain body heat. Those are two contradictory conclusions. 

With Hawkes latest discovery with the Denisovian Genome Project, it is 17% different from Neanderthal and has a DNA trail that dates back several millions of years. Even more strange, its DNA has a “dwarf” or shortening of size mutation. If, these beings did grow and the Denisovian creature was dwarfed, but in comparison still larger than us, and the existence of Meganthropus, which was a 8-9ft tall critter, why would it not be allowable that Bigfoot be accepted as the additional hominid living with us today? I mean, really, in the Americas, Roman rule has only been here for 500 years…..that’s not even a drop-in-the-hat compared to the existence of our multi-million years, reigning champion, and survivor of our planet earth known as Sasquatch—Homo Digigapilo-Americus.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

"Making Bigfoot Videos For YouTube Instructions"

By George Washinton President

(ALERT!!!! This article has been double checked by a 5 year old for typo's)

Alright! You say you want to get a video of Bigfoot and put it on YouTube and get alot of viwes. Maybe it will go viral if your lucky. Hey! those 1 cent payment from YouTube for every 10,000 views ads up in 30 to 50 years. You could make $6.73

So, to start earning that extra money for when you turn 90. Here's some tips of how to take the worse video you possibly can to keep to the strandards set by YouTube.

1. Scan the forest for the worse possible location you can. Look for high grass up to your neck. That's a good start. Now, you also want to make sure there are plenty of trees very close together. The closer the better. Make sure you can't even get a toothpick between them.

 2. You'll want to go just before sunset. The fading sunlight is always good to make your image very dark that someone will need a seeing eye dog after squinting long enough at the computer screen.

 3. Another bonus is if these YouTube viewers are watching on small screen cell phones. The smaller the monitor or screen, the better for you. Be sure to set you brightness control to the darkest possible

 4. Don't bother with HD. Why the hell would you want the video to be clear? Never use a new video camera. Get that old 1980's camcorder you have in the basement, garage or closet. Use that one

5. You have to make sure nobody can tell if it's a bear or a Bigfoot. That is very important. For tips on  how you do that, check out any Bigfoot video that claims to show a Bigfoot/Sasquatch on YouTube.

6. Now your off and running or in this case video taping. With any luck you'll have to sneeze. That's great to shake the camera so it looks like it was thrown down a laundry shoot. You'll also want to walk to give the camera that YouTube shaking-bouncing look. If your in good shape, run when you are taking the video. remember shake, skae, skake than man camera as hard as possible.

 7. Be sure when your "object" is positioned right in front of the camera, you turn the camera in the opposite direction. In other words, if your video subject is about to turn and look directly into the camera, you will want to turn it in another direction quickly. You can't be on YouTube and have any chance of any poor soul having a shot at actually seeing it in clear view.

8. If you live in Pennsylvania that's even better. As seen in the news this past week. Trees loved to be filmed that look likes Bigfoot. Some researchers even went on YouTube to state that they thought it was a Bigfoot 100%. They described the huge shoulders, wide body, and power build. Trees make awesome Bigfoot's.

9. You want to really get those views up. Claim your video was taken BY a Bigfoot showing humans. They say Bigfoots are highly intelligent, so why can't Bigfoot go back home and tell his family that he has the video of these funny looking "beings" he's seen in the woods, banging on trees, yelling like wolves and acting like your basic jackasses.

10. Upload your video to 144p quality. The the worse quality there is . If your lucky, the video will take a week to load once someone clicks on YouTube to watch it

 11. Pick an attention getting title for YouTube video like "Bigfoot Seen Driving a Truck" or "Bigfoot Runs in Front of  Police Car Dashboard Cam Holding the Olympic Torch "

12. Make your Bigfoot talk in the video. Have him call you by name just like the guy in Canada with those fake video's. You know the guy. He's the one who has the guts to claim the Bigfoot is calling him by his name, "MIKE, MIKE" Make sure talking Bigfoot sound very intelligent by asking him who he thinks should run for President in the next election. Have him say "HILLARY, HILLARY".
Remember to sign up for those monetization options on YouTube and away you go to fame and fortune in the highly stable Bigfoot Community. Now, THAT's entertainment.
Wait, wait , wait. I just had an idea. If you want to make a quick, easy video for YouTube you could head down to your local costume store and buy a Chewbacca costume and make a video of a friend of yours sleeping on the woods.
Remember to tell him breath when he's in that Chewbacca costume to breath every 6 seconds. That makes it look more "authentic".
Naw!! on second thought nobody in their right mind would believe that.

Friday, October 11, 2013

"De Loys's Ape"

 I think all of us, or at least most of us interested in Bigfoot have seen this famous

But how many actually know, or remember the story behind it?
  The year was 1920. Dr. Francois de Loys, an eminent Swiss geologist, decided to explore
the dense rain forests along the Tarra River on the Venezuela-Columbia border, along with
his team of colleagues.  As the story goes, one day as they were making their way through
the forest they came upon two apelike creatures coming out from the trees ahead.

  The two creatures looked at first like some sort of apes, except for the fact that they
stood roughly 5 feet tall, walked upright on their hind legs, and had no tails.  The team
quickly realized that these creatures were like no animal they'd ever seen, and that they
were probably dealing with a completely unknown species.

  When the creatures spotted the team of geologists they became very agitated, up rooting
surrounding vegetation and tearing off hanging tree branches, all the while moving closer
to the terrified men.  The men, fearing they were about to get attacked, began to rapidly
fire the guns they carried with them towards the quickly approaching creatures.

  When the hail of bullets stopped, one creature lay dead while the other had retreated
back into the forest. It was not known whether or not it was even injured. During the
sighting, the men had determined that one creature was male, the other female. After
giving the dead creature a close examination it was determined it was female. The
male had escaped.

  Dr. de Loys and his team decided to set the dead body on a gasoline crate and then
grabbed a near by pole to prop under her chin, keeping the body in an upright position.
The men then took the famous photograph we have all seen. Unfortunately, it was
decided that the already decomposing body would never make it through the humid rain
forest, and back to Switzerland. The men made the tough decision to leave the body
where they'd shot it. The men figured the MANY photographs they took would have to
be enough proof. That's right, they took lots of photographs of the specimen, from
different angles. Only one photo survived though, after their boat capsized along the
Tarra River, during their trip back home.

  The one remaining photograph would provoke one of the most heated disputes in modern
day zoology. When de Loys returned to Europe he showed the picture to the well known
French anthropologist Prof. George Montandon. Montandon was convinced that the subject
in the picture represented a major zoological discovery. In May 1929, in a scientific
paper, he christened it "Ameranthropoides loysi (Loys's American Ape).

  However, other scientists remained uncertain or unconvinced. The skeptics said that
de Loys's ape resembled a robust spider monkey in overall appearance. Even though
there was no known spider monkey that obtained a height of 5 feet 1 inch (the height
recorded by de Loys). Also the creatures teeth numbered at 32, whereas most South
American primates have 36 or more teeth. Then add the fact that its thorax was flatter
and longer than would be expected, and its limbs seemed stockier.

  The absence of a tail was also a huge difference between this creature and a spider
monkey. Some said this proved the creature was no spider monkey, while other
investigators believed that this was evidence of a hoax, and that de Loys and his team
had deliberately chopped off, or hidden from view in the photograph, the tail. They
also argued that the creature was altered to appear more distinct and larger than it
actually was.

 Dr. de Loys fiercely refuted these allegations. To prove the creature was as big as
he said it was he obtained and measured identical crates to the one photographed
with the creature. These demonstrations seemed to prove it was just over 5 feet, but
some investigators were still not convinced.

  The debate continues to this day. The British zoologist Dr. Karl P. N. Shuker
believes there's circumstantial evidence that adds weight to Dr. de Loys story. He
points out that from the earliest times Indian tribes living in the jungles of South
America have believed in the existence of an apelike creature that walks on two legs
and does not have a tail.

 On the other hand, the American cryptozoologist Ivan T. Sanderson argues that the
picture is of a spider monkey carcass that appears bigger than usual only because
it is swollen with an accumulation of gas due to putrefaction. He adds that de Loys
and his crew purposely removed the tail before photographing the monkey.

 What do YOU think?

Thursday, October 10, 2013

"The Erickson Project: What Did They Do With All That Money?"

By Frank Cali President Team Tracker


Over 5 years of study and huge sums of money they claimed was to present the best video and scientific evidence the world has ever know. I feel sorry for anyone who waited 5 entire years for this load of trash.

To actually have the guts to present this with a straight face has be nominated for an Emmy Award. Of course there wasn't much of the media there. One camera, a room almost empty with some people who I think came in to get out of the sun. Maybe they offered coffee and donuts. That always get's some people to come in.

They said they bought the video off of lady who had this "Bigfoot" around her property. What are the IQs of the people who paid this woman for such a telling scam. A 5 year old child with a cell phone camera may have gotten better video of this alleged "Bigfoot/Sasquatch" sleeping and walking into the dark woods.

The woman claims to have snuck up on the Bigfoot and took the video. That much be one deaf Bigfoot. Any real Bigfoot knows someone is coming from far away.


Here are the Matilda and Chewbacca photos. Pretty damn close. The Matilda costume looks like a cheap version of Chewbacca you buy at a Halloween Costume Shop this time of year.

I think whatever money was raised went someplace else, surly not into that project.  For them to think they could pass off someone in a Chewbacca costume from Star Wars is an insult to our intelligence.

Of course there are some people who think the photos and video show an actual Bigfoot. That these same people have never seen a real Bigfoot may be why they think it is real. If you have seen an actual Bigfoot, you would know in 3 seconds that this is a hoax.

The Chewbacca character was created by George Lucas. The Producer/Director of Star/Wars. Chewbacca is what Lucas thought a Bigfoot 'may'  look like.

Another slap in the face to the Bigfoot community and all of the hard working researchers who do look for solid evidence and some do find that evidence.

Chock this up with such other scams like the current Canadian Sasquatch talking Bigfoot who calls out the guys name "Mike, Mike" and uses a Harmonizer. An electronic devise that alters anyone's voice who talks into one hooked up to a microphone. Google it and you'll see what they can do

Rick Dyer and Team Tracker is about to release the DVD called "After The Shot." This DVD show's you in ultra clear HD qualit of what happened that night in Texas. You'll see the body moved and transported to the location where it has been studied over this past year. A once in a life time event you can have in your home.

Also being released is "The Autopsy" this show's exactly what these beings are made of. The huge heart and organs all filmed doing this medical first and an incredible thing for you and your family to see.

As a bonus, everyone that buys the DVD will be invited to come to Las Vegas this December to attend the Team Tracker party. At this event you will have the once in a lifetime chance to see the actual Bigfoot body in person and meet the legend himself, Rick Dyer and the members of Team Tracker.

If you can't attend, we are having a Pay Per View that night. On this, the first of it's kind broadcast, you will also get to see the body of "Hank" the Bigfoot for 4 hoiurs on yiu TV screen.

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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Rick Dyer's Team Tracker Show, TONIGHT LIVE!!!! 10/09/13

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"Buy "After The Shot DVD & See Bigfoot Body In Person"

By Frank Cali President Team Tracker

The time is here. The moment many people thought would never happen. We want to thank all of our supporters who've stayed with Rick Dyer and Team Tracker the entire journey.

This is for all the people who knew the truth. The ones who tuned in every night or as much as possible to hear Rick speak about that incredible night in San Antonio, Texas September 06, 2012.

It also for the new people who have begun to open their eyes and study the information that's been presented.

To give you something very special before the press conference in December, we have brought out a total of 100 DVD's called "After the Shot." The DVD shows you in HQ quality what happened that night in Texas, right after Rick Dyer fired the shots that brought down the actual Bigfoot. You will see what was done to get the body to the refrigerated truck and the trip to the research facility. Good video in HD Quality, that will give you up an close look at this amazing being called "Bigfoot," I wont say any more, as I don't want to spoil it for you.

 Then, we are offering "The Autopsy". This is the actual autopsy done on the Bigfoot body and what was involved tin his remarkable discovery.  The price for "After the Shot" is $188.00, "The Autopsy" is $129.00. As a special bonus to you for supporting Rick this past year, everyone who buys the DVD will be invited the Team Tracker party in Vegas in December. There you will be able to see the Bigfoot body we call "Hank" in person. In one of the DVD cases will be a special "ticket" that let's you to get your photo take with "Hank", This is very special, as no photos will be allowed for thee general public.

Derek Randles

As another bonus for the people who can not come to Vegas, we have set up a special Pay Per View on December 12, 2013 so you can view the Bigfoot's first public appearance. Derek Randles, one of the most respected researchers in the Bigfoot community will be there, along with many surprises. The Pay Per View is only $99.00 for a short time only. So reserve yours now BEFORE the prices go up.

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"PA Bigfoot Photo Hoax"

Note from The President: This is the kind of thing that would continue  to happen again and again if it wasn't for Rick Dyer who shot and killed a Bigfoot. Everyone who buys a DVD will be invited to come out in December to view the body in person if you can get there.  
If you want to see the body of a Bigfoot in clear HD detail, order your copy of "After The Shot" and also "Bigfoot - The Autopsy". Don't forget, if you can't make it to the party on 12-12-2013, you can order the PPV as well. To order, go to the site  HERE 

Hiker John Stoneman says he caught two Bigfoot's -- or at least two massive creatures -- on camera in Pennsylvania several weeks ago. A tipster tells Huff Post Weird News that either Stoneman was lying, or he didn't know that what he actually caught was a tree stump.

And he claims he has the photos to prove it.

On Thursday, the anonymous tipster sent a photo of what appeared to be the same, hulking figure that Stoneman caught on camera, but from a different angle.

2nd photo showig a tree stump according to the person who took it

"It was a scam," the tipster said, claiming that what we're seeing in the photo, is a tree stump that's been uprooted by well drillers.

Both Stoneman and the tipster didn't return calls for comment, so the authenticity of each photo is suspect.
Stoneman said previously that he was driving his car through Kinzua State Park when he noticed not one, but two creatures lurking in the woods.

He said at the time, "I'm a skeptic myself. I'm not a believer, but this was not a bear and you can see fur on it, ... It's wider at the shoulders and tapers down whereas a bear is bigger in the middle and stands differently with its paws out -- this was standing like a man, like a Bigfoot."
What is your opinion?

"Rick Dyer On The Basement Show w/3XROB Thsi Saturday

Rick Dyer "The Best Bigfoot Tracker in thee World"

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"Woman Spots Bigfoot"

Editor: Here is another report of an interesting encounter, just one of thousands that you may not be aware of. Very soon, many more people who were previously scared and unwilling to come forward with the accounts of their story, will do so without being ridiculed and harassed.

 Debbie Sherman was driving home early Monday morning after a night of playing cards with friends when she saw something moving across the field. At first, the Geneva resident could not make out the object. “I thought it was a dirt bike,” she said. “Then I saw it was massive in size, standing on two feet .. and it was standing tall, really tall.”

Sherman said she saw a Bigfoot, also known as sasquatch, an ape-like creature that some people believe live in the forests of North America.

“I was driving west and it was on the north side of Route 20 before North Ridge Taxidermy,” she said, noting before this sighting, she didn’t really believe in the existence of Bigfoot.

 “I was driving and he was coming sideways from me,” she said. “He was big and hairy and muscular. I slowed down, thinking we were going to collide, and all of sudden he was gone.”

Sherman holds a steady job, keeps to herself and her family, and was a little uneasy about coming forward with her Bigfoot story. When she got home around 3:20 a.m. Monday, she went on the Internet and contacted Doug Waller of the Southeast Ohio Society for Bigfoot Investigation (SOSBI) through the organization’s Facebook page.

“She was pretty shook up,” Waller said. “Most people don’t expect to see something like that.”
Investigators drove to Saybrook Township to check into Waller’s sighting. The pair made contact with the landowner, received permission to look around and found some tangible evidence, Blair said. They found tracks in the range of about 17 inches long and 8 inches wide, he said.

“One track was in the mud,” Blair said. “You can see something walked through there.”

They also found what looked like a nesting area, he said.
The investagotr said Sherman isn’t the first Ashtabula County resident to see Bigfoot. “Do you know Hogsback Ridge in Madison?” he said. “One was spotted there in March.”

Another sighting occurred in March along Interstate 90 near Geneva; and a man described a Bigfoot near Geneva in July 2011, according Ashtabula-Bigfoot Field Researchers Organization.

Sherman said one of her relatives said he encountered a Bigfoot in 1985 near Whispering Willow Mobile Homes in Harpersfield Township. At the time, she was skeptical, she said. “Now I’m not so sure.”

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

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