Saturday, September 7, 2013

"Steve Kulls More Involved in 2008 Hoax Then He Let On"

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker


I hope you didn't miss Rick Dyer's 1st Anniversary Special Show last night on YouTube. Rick did one hell of a show and revealed  alot of things never disclosed before. He spoke of Steve Kulls major involvement in the 2008 hoax which is alot more than "The Sasquatch Detective" would have liked the public and the Bigfoot community to know. I won't let the cat out of the bag. You can watch the show on the link below.


Rick also talked about Tom Biscardi and what really happened that year. Again, you'll have to listen to the show to find out what is was. I emailed him just before the show and I have no idea of he got it in time.

Kulls who recently was made the laughing stock of many in the Bigfoot community behind closed doors when he flew over 3,000 miles to see the baby Bigfoot Rick Dyer invited him to see. Kulls was punked by Rick using his keyboard. Of course if you hear Kulls version, he tries to make it out to be he went to California to expose a hoax. He would make a good politician because he is very good at telling tall tales. Which I guess makes up for him being a short guy.

Steve Kulls and Tom Biscardi

Dyer also talked in full about that night in San Antonio when he came face to face with a Bigfoot., whom he shot and killed. For the past year it has been studied by scientists who will disclose to the public that these beings are not what 99.9% of the Bigfoot community thought they are. As I reported  several times, there is no mid-tarsal break in the foot. The only break they have is in Dr. Meldrum theory's. There will be a lot more book burnings than the one Rick did when his books are proven completely wrong. The scientists also confirm they are not half ape, half man. But, I'll save the rest for the press conference.

Rick took us back to what that evening was like making eye contact with until then was considered a myth by many. The effect it had on Morgan Matthews, the Director of "Shooting Bigfoot" Up until that night, he though all the Bigfoot researchers were nuts. After seeing it twice and then being pushed over with a 50 pound camera on his shoulder by this 8 foot 8 being, he changed his mind. Up until then, Matthews was doing a film on what he considered men who searched for a myth , with no basic in fact. After that night, Matthews waqs to change to ttilemof the movie to "Shooting Bigfoot."

Also disclosed was the second location of "Hank", where I and later Craig Phillips had seen this amazing being. Craig was at this locataion to witness the body being moved. Musky Allen had seen it in a different facility a few months earlier.

Ok, I'm not going to revel anymore, You're just going to have to watch the YouTube show from last night. Rick will be doing 2 more shows this weekend with me and Team Tracker members and they will be broadcast both tonight and Sunday night starting at 9pm eastern time and 6 pm pacific.

I hope you all have a great weekend. We'll see you on YouTube later tonight. I'm going to round up a garbage trunk so you can start tossing you Bigfoot books in it when you find out that most of the information in them IS garbage.


 The link to last night's show is HERE