Monday, August 26, 2013

"Rick Dyer & Team Tracker Revs Up For Big Event."

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

We're getting ready for the main event coming soon. We have a brand new logo, new web site and alot more coming in the following weeks.

Next week will be the first anniversary of when Rick Dyer had his the encounter on September 6, 2012 when he shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio, Texas. A special show is being discussed for that evening so, keep checking this blog for updates.

The brand new web site is designed by Team Tracker member Andrew Clacy. This awesome website is the place to find out about Rick and Bigfoot. Also a new blog, a place to report a sighting. Merchandise, licensing, media and also Rick Dyer's biography and a discription in hi sown words of his encounter with Bigfoot . Soon the entire globe will know why Rick Dyer is "The Best Bigfoot Tracker in the World." Click here for new web site

Rick show's is being been broadcast exclusivity on YouTube using Google Hangouts which lets you see Rick and the Team Tracker members and it has a function for viewers to ask questions on the site.

A prominent scientist will be making a statement in regard to "Hank" the Bigfoot body that has been studied over the past year. For those of us who have seen the body, we know that this is going to rock the scientific and zoological community for many years to come.  As I've said before, no longer will people be afraid to come forward with the encounters and sightings they have had and will no longer be laughed at.

Rick Dyer has been busy filming his new A&E TV series and of course the movie "Shooting Bigfoot" will finally be coming to theaters that features Rick, plus Dallas and Wayne.

Big Lion Films is back in production and in the next few weeks, the video "3 Days, 3 Nights: Not Just A Bigfoot movie" with Rick and several Team Tracker members will be released on DVD. A lot of people have already pre-ordered it and you can order your copy here HERE

New Team Tracker logo

Rick and I and all Team Tracker members are very much looking forward to the press conference that will shock the world. Then we can have the last laugh at the haters and nuts who have made untrue and unfair statements attacking Rick, myself and others on the team. We can then look at them and see the look on their faces as they find out THEY have made fools of themselves to the world.

For now, I''ll leave you with this video from the Vegas trip. CLICK HERE