Thursday, August 1, 2013

"Rick Dyer Mt. Charleston Expedition DVD"

 ( Left to right: Wayne, Rick, Dallas, Frank, Dale, Robin, Chris, Mellisa & Big Jake)
The expedition to Mt. Charleston was amazing. I was able to see a live Bigfoot in the woods there, thanks to Dallas Gilbert of the Dallas & Wayne team. Dallas also saved my life when I was getting the heart attack.

All of us got to bond with each other in person and that will last a lifetime. The team got to meet Rick and stay in his home and spend time with his beautiful family. All of us were treated like royalty. Even though I suffered a heat attack. I would do it all over again in a second.

Rick Dyer is an incredible person and we are now like brothers forever. God does work in mysterious ways and now I know that we all were meant to be together for the events of  a lifetime. The world is about to get a shock that the legend of Bigfoot is true. I know, I've seen the body, as now several others have seen it. Rick has assembled an awesome team with expertise in various fields of experience.

Rick is a brave man, a kind man to those of us lucky to know him. He's been talking personal attacks on his character and reputation for a long time. I am now also getting these same attacks. But, very, very soon now, we all will be able to laugh in the faces of the people who have the nerve the casue trouble without any knowledge of what they are speaking of.

A DVD of this memorable expedition will be available soon.

Here is  a trailer of the DVD that will be coming out soon.