Wednesday, August 7, 2013

"My Bigfoot Encounter"

By Craig C Phillips Head of Security Team Tracker
Have you ever had something happen to you that you new you would carry with you all the days of your life, something that actually effected you and those around you in many ways?
This happen to me one early summer day, I was 10 years old, not the normal boy who by this time in his life would be playing with toy cars and Hot Wheels no none of that for me. My interested leaned more towards snakes and lizard Godzilla and King Kong.
School was up to this point normal for me. I went to Skyline grade school at the time. I was always head of the class, the young girls savior, I remember always being called upon at school to protect a girl who was being bullied by some nose picking, spitting young boy who hates girl germs.
I lived on what they called the Hill in a small community called Linton in Oregon State. Its a small town that runs parallel to St.Helen's highway which also runs parallel to the Willamit river.
The Neighborhood I lived in was quite, made up of several homes lining a winding road that went to a dead end at the top of the hill.There was a grade school on the hill called Linton grade school. At this time the school was closed. On the road. I lived on you could walk to one end of the road and it led right into the woods.
As a young boy I spent hours upon hours in those woods. This was in the 70's so I did not have access to the toys and electronics that the children of today have. So I had to keep myself occupied. So I spent most of my time outside playing. My Mother was a single parent who worked a lot, and most days I had a lot of time by myself.

One day I headed off to build a tree fort in the woods I had a wheel barrel with supplies in it. As I got deeper into the woods there was a washout on the trail, it had rained hard the day before and I was walking on a trail next to creek with a steep hill on each side and it stated to get muddy from the run off.

I  remember hearing a sound I can only describe as heavy breathing, but real deep guttural. I looked to my right and that is when I saw it. Above me on the ridge stood to me what looked to be a large hairy ape like creature. It was about 8 foot and had grayish black hair. One thing I noticed right away is that it was standing on only two feet, more like a man than any gorilla or ape I have ever seen. at the Zoo or TV. It proceeded to come down the hill and was at the bottom at no time. All I could do is just stand there and watch. He was no more than 30 feet away from me, he looked at me for a moment than leaped across the  creek and ran up the hill and was gone.

Since that day I have never stop looking for the creature known as Bigfoot, because that's what I believed I saw that day, I have told many people about my encounter, most of them laugh and say oh you were so young it could have been anything. I had many sleepless nights after that day and it took me a longtime before I could go back to those woods again, and every time I did after that it made my hair stand up on the back of my neck when ever I crossed that area. Those people who say they have seen Bigfoot know what they saw. Believe me when I say,if you ever see this creature, there will be no question about what you saw and it will be seared in your mind the rest of your life.