Tuesday, September 17, 2013

"A Salute To Scott Carpenter"

Scott Carpenter

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker 

This is about a good, honest, sincere person you may have heard about. His name is Scott Carpenter located in Tennessee. Scott is an excellent researcher I have been following for some time. Scott employs brilliant methods in search of Bigfoot, including a rear aiming video camera that is strapped to his shoulder that has permitted him to video tape several Bigfoot's. Scott knows that when your back is turned, these being's will pop out from behind a tree and look at you, He is also using a Plot Watcher to get photos and has been very successful with obtaining a beautiful shot of one looking from behind a tree (see below). Scott also devised a method of using packing tape that he wraps around trees. Just above the tape, Scott rubs bacon grease on the tree. When the Bigfoot reaches up to get some of it, several hairs from it's arm are caught on the tape. Scott submitted many samples for a DNA study.

From Scott who writes (I have just finished my first book "The Bigfoot Field Journal - Volume 1". Due to the detail and the number of high definition pictures it was not practical to sell this book in hard copy form. The eBook format allows me to sell this book at a very low price and give you all the content in a PDF format. This will allow you to zoom in on pictures, print, and search the entire 470 pages. You can read it on any device that supports the Adobe PDF format.

  You can order Scotts eBook HERE

Another encounter Scott has come across in the National Forest is what is know as "The Dog Man". Scott has this being on video to prove what he says is true. He has written an exceptional eBook that is just amazing to read. Seeing the video gives you chills. There is another legend that is very real and roaming in forests across the land.

(Sketch from Scott's video of The Dogman and possible infant)
To order Scott's eBook on the Dogman Click HERE

In Scott's research, he also has been trying to communicate with them for a long period of time. Each time he goes into his research area, he places rocks around in various circles or patterns in the same location in the forest. On many occasions when he returns, the rocks are always moved into a different pattern. You can watch all of his video's on his YouTube channel found under his name.

Scott Carpenter's eBook's are very inexpensive and I recommend them to anyone who is serious about Bigfoot research. He has accomplished some remarkable things in his research and we wish him continued success.