Saturday, August 10, 2013

"Memo to ALL Non Haters"

Were you ALL really expecting this story to be verified by the scum of the BF community? Those who support and have been in the eye of the storm, you do it because you choose to and whether you know it or not, it is appreciated. However, IF you are a supporter of Rick Dyer and you ARE NOT a hater, you cannot be disappointed if haters did not get to see anything. He specifically said "HATERS" can come to see the live Bigfoot. They can claim NOW, how much they want, that they only went to bust the hoax BUT WE all know that they BELIEVE in what Rick has and whole heartedly JUMPED at the chance to see it. This was never about disappointing supporters, This was about humiliating a few haters.

Only haters were invited and only haters attended. Many of you have absolutely NO CLUE of just how dangerous some of these people can be OR what they have done. What was done to them today cannot make up for even 1% of it. So when you pass judgment from your moral steeds, just remember, you don't know everything that transpires.

All who attended said that they were haters, so what's the big deal. When the time and conditions are right, as stipulated by the Investors, the biggest discovery of the last 200 years will be revealed and ALL true supporters will be rewarded. IF they stick around. Those of you who are quick to react with your words, I charge you to always think before you act, rather than the opposite. Life isn't only about Bigfoot, lessons you learn here may help you in the future. First consider that there are perfectly good reasons for everything that is done. I thank you for your time.