Tuesday, July 16, 2013

"Tim Fasano, Who's Hoaxing?"

                                                  "Tim Fasano & Palmetto Monster Hoax"

Tim Fasano points out in his latest video all the attention Rick Dyer has received and continues to get. Not because of the fact that he shot and killed a Bigfoot in San Antonio on September 6, 2012, but the negative comments he receives. One blog about Rick has had over 500 comments posted about him and it's all to slam Rick Dyer. Seems people don't want to read about Bigfoot research anymore.

Fasano states that he recently put up a video concerning the Sasquatch Ontario audio recordings hoax and had approximately 1,000 views on that one subject. When he was out in the field last week he obtained video of an alleged Skunk Ape tracks which he posted on his blog and also YouTube. That video has only logged about 150 views as if this writing.  
Tampa Tim goes on to point out that people don't want to see real research. They just want to gossip, get the poop on people. His words. 
I wonder what people are going to talk about when the Bigfoot body Rick Dyer shot and killed is on every major news network in the US and the entire world. 
Fasano continues to call Rick Dyer a hoaxer. He must have forgotten that he tried to pull off a major hoax now know as"The Palmetto Monster Bigfoot" until he was caught on live radio.
Here is proof in Fasano's own words on his hoax which we posted when it happened on this blog



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