Friday, July 12, 2013

Setting The Record Straight...Still Again"

                                         (Robert Lindsay: Self claimed professional writer, LOL)

I tried to reach out to Robert Lindsay recently and had communication with him over a two day period to bring the message that he didn’t have to use on his "Deep Throats" to gather his so called information. He never did take up the offer.


For Lindsay don't want to know the facts for he so called blog. As they say, "My mind is made up, dont bother me with the facts.

Rick has been attacked over and over by these people. Now , they have turned some attention to me. Which I get a huge laugh at.

 Quote from Lindsay: Frank Cali apparently writing all of Rick’s blog posts lately. This is pitiful if it is true because apparently Frank can't even write much better than Rick, and that’s sorry. Furthermore, Frank is penning all manner of scurrilous to libelous screeds, which reflects very poorly on him. Looks like Frank is Rick’s bitch.(end quote)

While I may not be the best writer in the world. I am a published author many times over. I gave up writing back in the mid 1990's to do other things far more important that writing about movies and TV. Who's writing libelous words? Not me. Sure, these other people making up untrue statements are in need of a mental health professional andvery quickly. Lindsay may like being a guys "bitch", but I am not. Linsay has admitted to his freak "private" life.

If Lindsay thinks he's such a good writer, let's see some of his published works other than what crap his writes on the Internet.
Mr. Lindsay, I am not the only person who writes on this blog. Many of our team members do writing for it. I am not here to win any writing awards. I could care less who likes my writing. That's not the point. The point is to bring the truth to the public after they are fed yours and alot of others disinformation.

 The door has been closed on him and all of the other trouble makers. They will never got within a mile of the body and you and they never will. Case closed. Thank God.

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