Monday, July 29, 2013

"Letter From Walter Shrum"

(Walter Shrum) 

I would start out in saying a little about my self I am from Pittsburgh Pennsylvania I work for Headstart full time and a songwriter on the side . I been writing songs for about 15 years, were I live I have some songs on local TV and local radio right now in the Pittsburgh area, Plus for awhile I had a Christian Rock called 2 Edgedsword. My accomplishments in the music industry are I have a song my co writer Jayme DeFilippo and I wrote it was produced and performed by Dan Schafer he was Shania Twains lead guitar player and back up singer. He has been on tons of  TV shows plus sang with tons of stars. You can check out his web site. Then I had four songs done by a writer named Don Hecht he wrote the song Walking After Midnight for Patsy Cline. He also took four of my songs to Nashville to be looked at by various artists.

Plus I act and write the music for the local TV show called Fright Sights In Your Neighborhood. It’s produced by a local man named Harry Metz. He does local TV in our area he use to work on a show called Chiller Theater, he does all my music videos. That’s were and how I met Rick Dyer, Harry Metz produced a music video for me called Searching For Bigfoot the song was co wrote by Jayme DeFilippo. Rick found the video and posted it on his site and just said WOW. At that time I didn’t no Rick but I private message him about it, and then we talked on the phone. That’s when I found out how nice of a guy he is. I told him I was going to ride on his shirt tail he told me go for it.

So I would sit back and listen to his shows on Blog radio and write songs for his shows. Remember I am not a Bigfoot tracker, but I am interested in Bigfoot and the paranormal. I just like to write songs all kinds of songs. Rick started to use my songs, first one Searching for Bigfoot, then I got a idea of writing him a song, a theme song for his radio show called Hank the Rick Dyer Song. Then he said he would use it on his knew DVD. I do appreciate Rick he has played a lot of my songs and videos on his radio show. My Youtube site for all my music videos is under waltthemusicman facebook page under walter shrum or waltthemusicman.  

You’re free to check out my music. Email me at need any music I write and produce music in my home studio called Upperoom Records. Now that I have been writing Bigfoot songs I met a lot of people who have seen Bigfoot. Even where I live a lot of sightings have happened. People come up to me and start talking about Bigfoot because of my music. I would like to thank some people on my journey in my music such as my mom, my wife and family, my co writer Jayme DeFilippo, and my producer Harry Metz. Also other friends like Jim Garrett and Al Martin, these guys help me make my videos. I found out it takes a lot of people to make it in the music industry I would have to write a list of names, but thank you. Some of the Bigfoot people who believe in my music like Thomas Marcum , Evan Jenson , Billy Willard , Eric Altman these are just some , Frank Cali , Chris Sands, Kim Little, Tom Stickel, Mr .Keaton , Craig Phillips and Dallas and
Wayne and all the tracker members I didn’t mention thank you for liking my music. Most of all Rick Dyer, he believes in what I write and he shows it all to the Bigfoot community.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Your friend, Walter Shrum.
P.S. The most important thing I want to say is thank you Jesus.