Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Breaking News Skyla Saved"


                                                     (Skyla being pushed back into ocean)
Well our Top 10 hater aka pain in the ass Skyla is still alive. Rescuers pushed her back into the ocean to her beloved laptop. She has now changed her YouTube name to "Deathtothehoax" a cheap web page and continues to make a huge (pun intended) splash.
Now we know why this asshole is fatter than Jumbo. She spends all of her time on the computer writing trash about Rick Dyer, Frank Cali and Team Tracker members. She doesn't have the time to spend with her child who been reported to child welfare.
Her living conditions are discussing with McDonalds, KFC and Burger King bags thrown all over the floor. This pig hasn't seen a shower in weeks, most likely longer.
                                              at her baby shower.... I mean car wash
Here is the Top 10 Skyla jokes voted most popular this week.
10.  She's so big, she has her own gravity field
  9.  When God said "Let there be light" he had to tell her to move first
  8.  The label on her jeans says "Caution: wide load"
  7.  When she bends over, her ass makes sounds of beeping like a garbage truck
  6.  When Skyla wanted a water bed they threw out a blanket over the entire Ocean
  5.  She's so fat she has her own zip code
  4. I took a picture of Skyla last Christmas and it's STILL printing
  3. When she got on an elevator the alarm went off and said "Sorry your over the 1,500
weight limit
  2. When Columbus discovered the Earth was round, It was Skyla he was sailing on.
 1.   She's so fat, her birthday is October 6th and 7th
and there you have the Skyla Top 10 fat jokes
    This bitch should have serious psychotherapy. What is her obsession with Rick and Hank. Is she thrilled that Rick found Bigfoot and Hank is larger than her? Did she want to marry a Bigfoot. Did she have sexual fantasy's about Bigfoot? Maybe like them, she likes to run around naked in the woods? Oh God what a sight what would make, You'd be blind for 3 days.
Next time she washes on shore, PLEASE don't push her back, but then again who doesn't like a whale of a time LMAO

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