Monday, July 1, 2013

Big Foot Attacks. Campers Missing, Terror At Puzzle Creek ?

Big Foot Attacks Boys At Puzzle Creek National "Campground?


(Here's an article that I came across that I thought you may like to read. Was it real? As MK Davis always says "You be the judge))

On Saturday August 1 2009 we learned that Big Foot or Swamp Ape is real. At approximately 10 PM two teenage boys were attacked in the Puzzle Creek National Camp at Bostic North Carolina. The local Sheriffs Department and US Fish And Wildlife Officials say that a creature similar to the one in the above photo attacked , murdered and carried the two boys off into the Puzzle Creek Swamp.
And despite a massive man hunt by 500 men and several packs of Blood Hounds the boys bodies nor the creature that took them have not been found. Over the last 50 years or more people have reported seeing a creature that some people called a Big Foot and some people called a Swamp Ape in the Puzzle Creek National Park and in the area around the National Park.

But the creature had never attacked humans that we know of until Saturday August 1 2009. Other people in the campground said the two boys had been fishing in one of the lakes in the campground earlier in the day and told of throwing rocks at a large hairy Swamp Ape creature. The people in the campground said at the time they thought the boys were making up stories but then at 10 PM the creature came into the campground and attacked and supposedly murdered the two boys. They went on to say that the creature threw a teen age boy over each shoulder and ran off back into the swamp with them.

For the next three days a massive man hunt for the boys or the creature was carried out but neither the boys nor the creature was found. Some long black hair was found and sent for testing to see what kind of creature it came from.

And though the search is still going on from the air by US Fish And Game Helicopters the ground search has been called off. And the campground in the Puzzle Creek National Park has been closed. Local police and officials of the US Fish And Game Services say that the boys nor the creature may never be found as the Puzzle Creek Swamp is one of the most brushy over grown swamps ever and that it is almost impossible for a man to walk in most parts of the swamp.



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