After reading Robert Lindsay’s post on a Facebook user by the name Don Boucher, bells went off in my head.
Don Boucher allegedly was a fervent Dyer critic, whom after claiming to have see the super secretive “body pictures,” has now become a Dyer believer.


We reported here back in March that someone tried to plant a phony story with us on February 21st, 2013, in what appeared to be an attempt to discredit this blog. In other words a Dyer shill.
Here’s the text of the attempted set up…

However it fell short, as we weren’t going to print something that we had no evidence of or could cross reference.
In the March article I mentioned how the IP address resolved to Montana and that the person used three different names.
Well the first actual email he sent me this was this name…

Donny Booch

This was done out of error because the second email he sent the name on the header had been changed. 
Here’s the IP Trace which all my reports get one…

Guess where Boucher is from??? You guessed it Montana.


Coincidence? I think not! Add this one to the hoaxer list along with Issleb!

He was just playing a hater folks, he’s been Dyer’s agent the whole time!!!

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