Sunday, October 13, 2013


By: Jason Judd  - Team Tracker
Anthropological Manager
Research and Discovery

Firstly, I do understand the theory of evolution, and I have read it, along with the hundreds of journals that suggest it’s acceptance in the community; however, what we actually have is proof of millions of species all living at the same respective time throughout history. Millions still exist and millions went extinct—two are extant (supposed to be extinct). This is not a story of “how” all the species came to be, but rather a story of “what we actually have proof of”—millions of species.

Hi, I’m a platypus and I’m supposed to be extinct….or at least that is what science keeps telling me. I’ve been around for 124 million years without any change. I live in the Outback and don’t have any cousins that resemble me at all! I am the best thing out here! I don’t have to change! I didn’t even ride the continental drift back when it was called Gondwana! My family was here and I stayed. Thank God my DNA is coded for random mutation allowances that sustain my genome, which has allowed me to reproduce for this long and stay just how I am! Is that a fresh-water shrimp? MMmmmMMM, I’m glad those suckers are still here for me to eat. Those cool electroreceptors on my bill allow me to find them….what? You don’t have those? I wonder where I got mine from then.  Wait; aren’t you more evolved than me?

I do accept, and agree with, natural selection, which occurs through ecological, climatical, sustenance, predation, and/or major extinction level events. Natural selection is an adverse genetic coding that allows for slight mutations over hundreds of generations. Random selection, which is argued “for” evolution is a genetic mutation that does not succumb to the natural selection processes which occur in nature.  How? DNA cannot see nature. So basically, DNA has written into it an allowance of slight mutations that can and do support population growth of a species—to include some sub-species mutations like color, dental differences, growth factors, brain volume and miniscule morphological changes that may or may not be seen. ßremember that…..

                Let’s talk about the dog for a little bit. It is generally accepted by 99% of all communities that all of the different types of dogs originated by a wolf. Subsequently, it has evolved to all the different sub-species, right? Deeply thinking, the dog’s evolutionary trail was intelligently intervened by……? …….us! We were smart enough to tame the wolf and then make cuter and nicer dogs that we could play with and love based off our imaginations and creativity and not through natural or random processes. 

Thus, allowing the acceleration of slight mutations like color, dental differences, growth factors, brain volume and extreme morphological changes that ARE seen. ßdoes this sound familiar? It is, but it’s “Accelerated random selection.” But!!!!, with intelligent intervention doing the selection from the mutations. Do you think that a “Chihuahua” could live in the wild on its own, survive, and sustain its sub-species? Or do you think it would “die off” and become extinct? Would it ever have been a species even if they had millions or hundreds of millions of years to evolve? Good questions right? 

Amazingly, only the dogs that still resemble the wolf (fox, dingo, & wolf) are the only ones that still survive to this day in the wild…..miniscule morphological changes……ßthis is normal natural and random selection at work….millions of years with zero species to species change. Only the tough that survived ecological, climatical, sustenance, predation, major extinction events, survived; alas, the rest went extinct. This is what we actually have fossil records of. Critters that weren’t able to survive all of the global changes that have been proven throughout the earth’s life.

That is the real, actual proof. Millions of species survived and millions of species didn’t. Those that could adapt are still here and unchanged from their own fossil record.

Where does Bigfoot tie into all of this? Well, scientifically, would you agree that we once had a hairy bipedal hominid walking around sometime in history? Science has already placed Australiopiths with hair. They also place Homo Habilis with hair. The controversy is that H. Habilis is only 2million years old based off the oldest fossil that they have currently found. Science has dated A.afarensis at 4 million years. Recently, according to AAAS Science, a metatarsal that is identical to H.habilis and to Neanderthal was discovered. Because this 2” fossil is dated at 4million years, they have agreed to place the bone on the foot of A.afarensis. 
 Why? It is because of the age. In their current accepted evo-model, H.habilis isn’t supposed to be around at 4Mya. So, A.afarensis now has a “human looking foot.”  A.afarensis is a completely, both
transformationally and morphologically, different critter. A.afarensis needs millions of years to “evolve” to be H. habilis. Because the Dr. suggested A.afarensis, the paper was accepted into the evo-model. But this metatarsal has thrown a kink into the mix. So with this discovery, H.habilis was indeed around at 4Mya and two of them were caught walking through Laetoli, Tanzania, Africa 3.7Mya.

So, with natural selection and random processes, we know without a doubt that mutations like color, dental, growth, brain volume and miniscule morphological changes that may or may not be seen can and do occur. In several cases, many creatures have a growth hormone encoded that allows for a larger surface area to maintain heat. Strangely enough, the same scientific community states that Neanderthal shrank to retain body heat. Those are two contradictory conclusions. 

With Hawkes latest discovery with the Denisovian Genome Project, it is 17% different from Neanderthal and has a DNA trail that dates back several millions of years. Even more strange, its DNA has a “dwarf” or shortening of size mutation. If, these beings did grow and the Denisovian creature was dwarfed, but in comparison still larger than us, and the existence of Meganthropus, which was a 8-9ft tall critter, why would it not be allowable that Bigfoot be accepted as the additional hominid living with us today? I mean, really, in the Americas, Roman rule has only been here for 500 years…..that’s not even a drop-in-the-hat compared to the existence of our multi-million years, reigning champion, and survivor of our planet earth known as Sasquatch—Homo Digigapilo-Americus.