Friday, August 16, 2013

"Time To Hang It Up Sasquatch Detective"

Steve Kulls "The Squat Detective" in action

Ace self titled "Sasquatch Detective" Steve Kulls, is once again trying to declare himself a hero. Kulls had one of the biggest pranks pulled on him and he's doing his best to cover his crap like a cat does in a litter box. Kulls has as much credibility as O. J. Simpson in the Bigfoot community these days.

Kulls is still trying to make himself look good by saying Jon Foss of The Foss Swim School  aka Jack Barnes of the in limbo"Facebook FindBigfoot" Facebook page called on him to "bust a hoax". Foss called him to go into action by using his frequent flyer miles, as he is too cheap to cough up any actual money.

Jon Foss aka "Jack Barnes"

As we stated before, it was Steve Kulls who disclosed who Jack Barnes was. Why he did this is anyone guess. Barnes who's real name is Jon Foss and his partner Jeff Anderson, another fake name Foss is deadly afraid to have his real name associated with Bigfoot in anyway, because it would be major damage to his Swim School's. That's a hell of way to be when you have to hide and use fake names because you can't be brave enough to use your real name and stand behind what you claim to the public about Bigfoot. What are they ashamed off?
The Squat Detective flew approximately 3,000 miles to Los Angeles LAX airport. Kulls is claiming he was going to "Bust a hoax." Come on Mr. Kulls, you are you trying to kid. He was told to come out to view a baby Bigfoot with wings, both male/female sex organs and two stomachs that eat's McDonalds that was in captivity by Rick Dyer. Kulls had to fly all that way to prove what? Maybe he wanted a Happy Meal?


We also did an article some time back and checked into Kulls statement that he was a former private detective. He does not have a license in the state of New York to be one. He was working at Wallmart as a security guard and now works at a nursing home as a night watchman. So, he went from "Clean up in aisle 7 to dipper clean up in room 2.

 Kulls lives in a one room boarding room house. Not much of a headquarters for a master detective is it? What's next? A used Sears tent or the trunk of his car. If he even has one. A very sad, tragic tale indeed.

Kulls one room apartemnt is located in this boarding room house

In all his years hunting for Bigfoot, what has he be able to gather? NOTHING!!! I would stick my head in the sand with a zero record like that. I would quietly slip away into the shadows of embarrassment and a cave in the woods.

Did Foss and company plus Kulls  actually think that Rick Dyer would show the bottom of the barrel of the Bigfoot world anything? Kulls has been an SOB to Rick Dyer for a long time and got what he deserved, a prank pulled on him.

Facebook FindBigfoot is basically crippled. They had their YouTube channel taken down for good due to multiple copyright infringements. The book they wrote was stopped of any further publication.
They insisted their theory that Bigfoot is part ape, part human was correct and made fools of themselves in most people's eyes. The scientist doing full studies and testing of Rick Dyer Bigfoot body says it is of no know being.You will be hearing a lot more from the scientist soon.

They insisted their theory that Bigfoot is part ape, part human was correct and made fools of themselves in most people's eyes. The scientist doing full studies and testing of Rick Dyer Bigfoot body say it is of no know being.You will be hearing alot more from the scientist soon.

We used to cringe listing to Jack or Jeff, not sure who's who try and talk on the YouTube video's. The guy can't read for crap. He's stumble though each video and try to keep up with the scroll on the screen. A 3rd grader could read better than him and that's no joke. Now they have another YouTube channel under Jack Barnes and Jeff Anderson does the same things all over again. Stealing other people's YouTube video's spewing still more 'expert" opinions. Mid tarsal break, up and down movement, coned head, etc.. All of which is total bull s**it which will be proven 100% incorrect.

To sum things up. All these "gentlemen" did was dig themselves deeper into a hole in which they will never get to see the body of the Bigfoot that Rick Dyer shot and killed in September 6, 2012. Armed security guards (real ones) will have their photos and will stop them cold from getting within 200 feet of the body.

There you have it. So, Mr. Foss, Mr. Kulls, Squatch on into the deep abyss of a "Hall of Shame" of the Bigfoot community