Monday, August 19, 2013

"Musky Allen Talks Of Steve Kulls On Dyer Show"

Musky Allen & Rick Dyer
It's always a pleasure to have Musky Allen on Rick Dyer's show. Musky tells it like it is and is an honorable man. As I'm sure most of you know. Musky was the first person to see the body of "Hank", the Bigfoot that Rick Dyer shot and killed in San Antonio last September 20012.

If you missed the YouTube show last night. The link is below to watch the entire show. Musky had some very interesting information on Steve Kulls that everyone should hear.

Other topics on the show included the "21 Day Fat Camp" that Rick will be conducting from October 2nd though the 22nd of October. This will be an expedition in the woods for a total of 21 days to get yourself in same and loose weight. The expedition will go in with 3 days worth of supplies and after they run out, will live off the land. A base camp will be set up for emergency's and communication.  The cost is $299.00 per person.  A total of 20 places will be available, some already have booked for this, so if you would like to take part in this camp, contact us at:

In just a few weeks it will be the 1st anniversary of the history changing event when Rick Dyer had his encounter with a real Bigfoot.. Many things have been in motion this past year to bring this
major discovery to the world. The body has been examined by top scientists, test have been taken and many other details which will be forthcoming. We have just 2 spots left for this event returning to San Antonio. If we do not have all 10 spots filled, the expedition will be postponed until a later date to give more people the opportunity to attend. If you would like to attend, contact us at for more information, But, hurry as time is just about run out. This will become an historic site and will go into the history books as the place where Rick Dyer proved to the entire world that the beings know as Bigfoot and Sasquatch are indeed real.


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