Thursday, August 22, 2013

"More Lindsay Bull"


Admitted sex pervert Robert "BS" Lindsay is back at it again. Saying that Rick Dyer commented fraud by having Steve Kulls, the self titled "Sasquatch Detective" fly all the way to LA to see a baby Bigfoot. Oh boy!!!!

First off, no money was spent by Kulls, he was given frequent flyer miles by Jon Foss aka "Jack Barnes" of Facebook/FindBigfoot."  It was Kulls who back stabbed Foss when he printed Foss's real name and that he runs The Foss Swim School. Kulls also disclosed the real name of "Jack Anderson", which is Jim Larrengera.

Just what Foss and Larrengera are trying to a accomplish is a mystery. What they did accomplish is getting no access to the Bigfoot body Rick Dyer shot and Killed in September 2012. Rick Dyer was done with those boys, who many consider the Dean Martin and Jerry Lewis of the Bigfoot World weeks before they wanted revenge on being dumped by Dyer.

Jon Foss aka "Jack Barnes"
Can you imagine a judge hearing any alleged case when Kulls tells the Judge that he flew out to Los Angles, California to view a baby Bigfoot? It would be like a clip out of the old TV show "Candid Camera". The judge would be waiting for Allen Funt to come out and say "Smile! Your on "Candid Camera."

In the Facebook/FindBigfoot crumbling world, they have been kicked of YouTube for stealing videos of other people's channel to upload to FB/FB's YouTube channel. Like Lindsay, multiple copyright violation's . So, who's going to court? Facebook/FindBigfoot's book was pulled from being sold any further due to it's content.

Robert Lindsay admitted sex pervert

Lindsay says Dyer lost almost all of his former supporters. Again, not true. Dyer's got more supporters that ever. The membership has increased to an all time high. Lindsay claims that Rick Dyer lost support of the Bigfoot community. What has the Bigfoot community done for Rick Dyer? Nothing. The Bigfoot community is jealous and embarrassed that they have nothing to show after years of looking, pounding on tress in the middle of the night and screaming alleged Sasquatch calls like Bobo Faye. Fact! Rick Dyer has a Bigfoot body, they don't.

We actually laugh at these people who claim Rick has nothing. He's hoaxing, he's this, he's that. Musky Allen, Frank Cali and Craig Philips, plus the car wrap gentleman ALL have seen the Bigfoot body. The Bigfoot community has NOT. Why should the Bigfoot community be shown anything?

Lindsay also writes "Christopher Noel also noted that Rick had pulled Frank Cali into his stunt by telling Frank the lie that the Bigfoot had both male and female genitalia. Frank, not knowing better, repeated that lie on the radio show and was made to look like a total fool. And because he lied about Hank, Frank’s credibility is now completely screwed." Cali's credibility is now completely screwed? Stick, stones, you know the old saying. Cali lost all credibility to whom? The Bigfoot community? A bunch of back stabbers, super ego's and 100% jealousy of other "researchers who don't have any credibility anyway. Speaking of credibility? Kulls, Dobbs, Fasano have ANY  credibility, no. I could go on for pages with a list of characters like that.

Again, and read this slowly if need be. There was NO hoax. It was called punked, PUNKED!. It was done to one of the most dirty, nastiest SOB's of all time in the so called Bigfoot community. Kull's is no detective, he works at the front desk of a nursing home for God's sake. Before that, he worked as a Wallmart security dude. He never had a private detective license in the state of New York, not any other state. He lives in a one room boarding house, as we have reported several times. Check back on some of are past blog's to see the full Steve Kulls story. Listen to last Sundays Rick Dyer YouTube show when Musky Allen was a special guest to hear some disturbing details about "The Sasquatch Detective." We like to call him "The Squat Detective"  because that's what he has to show for all his years in research.....Squat.

Lindsay also claims that Dyer has only a tiny group of diehards around him like Cali and Allen. Dyer has received more requests from people to become members since it's inception. The truth of the matter is, Robert Lindsay is pissed off he had to remove the copyrighted YouTube videos he lifted off of  Rick Dyer's YouTube channel. Lindsay had to be issued a warning to remove them before legal action was brought against him for copyright violations .

This is the best one of all. "Linday writes "Rick Dyer sending out lawsuit threats. I have received two lawsuit threats from Rick Dyer’s group via the disgusting Frank Cali. They ordered me to take down Rick’s videos that I was hosting on my site because they said it was a violation of Rick’s copyright. All I was doing was linking to the videos and I had not copied them myself, so I don’t see how this is a violation.

The disgusting Frank Cali? LMAO!!!! Lindsay is a admitted sex pervert, who's disgusting?  Another point is IF Lindsay was not guilty of copyright violations, WHY did he take down the video's. You don't have to go to Mexico is see all the bullshit from Robert Lindsay.

Another Lindsay quote (Frank Cali may be distancing himself from Rick Dyer. A source reported this theory to me about Frank.

I have this sneaking suspicion that Frank may be bowing out. He’s normally on FB all day and today not at all. Either that or the stress has sent him back to the hospital.
And what better proof of Rick’s toxicity than that he is only too happy to drag Frank along on this maniacal ride?)
Frank Cali is not distancing himself from Rick Dyer at all. The fact is that the haters reported his Facebook account as "not his real name" and it was shut down by Facebook, Some of these haters have approximately 20 Facebook names, but lie and report Cali's screen name as "fake" insane.

So whomever Lindsay is getting his information from is incorrect. Frank Cali is 100% behind Rick Dyer and always will be. He has seen the body and like Musky Allen, states it is a real Bigfoot body. Cali also had seen a live Bigfoot along with Dallas Gilbert on Mt. Charleston in June. Cali is Vice President of Dyer's Team Tracker and is in change of the team, the blog and many other things that has not been disclosed to the public yet.

So, please Robert Lindsay, move on as you always say you are for the thousandth time.
How many times now has he stated that? Without Rick Dyer, Frank Cali and Musky Allen, he has nothing to write about.

Another fact, several months ago Lindsay was contacted by Cali to inform him that he could contact Dyer and or Cali to get his information directly from them and not use these "deep throats" he gets his misinformation from. Lindsay never took Cali up on that offer. He'd rather use people like Pinkfoot Cindy Shafer who was exposed as being "Mata Hari" or what ever Lindsay called her. Once she was exposed, Lindsay never used that fake name again.

Fact! Without riding the coattails of Rick Dyer these losers have nothing. A year from now, no one will recall them by name. Like a dump you took in the bathroom, they will be flushed down to the waste management sewers never to be heard form again.