Monday, August 12, 2013

"Kulls Got Punked"

                                                              (Steve Kulls)
"Kulls Got Punked"


By Musky Allen

Kulls GOT PUNKED. I think it's comical a guy like Steve Kulls a former Private detective and now self proclaimed 'Sasquatch detective' would fly 6,000 miles to verify a claim from somebody he's bashed and outright called a fraud and hoaxer for over 5 years.

This speaks volumes on Kulls rational thought process. Seriously, I think anyone who's ever hired Steve Kulls for Private detective work in the past should file a class action law suit for the impersonation of a REAL detective, lol.

This is another clear example how Steve Kulls tries desperately to rival Rick Dyer and fails on a grand scale. It's now well known Kulls is nothing more than a 'Scat Detective' because he doesn't know SHIT!.... Hey Steve, Geraldo Rivera is opening Al Capone's vault, word has it there is a baby Sasquatch hidden inside, get your ass to Chicago, Quick!!!!...LMAO


  (3 other 'Sasquatch detectives' seen below)


                            (Baby Bigfoot, Curly Kulls, Moe Kulls & Larry Kulls)