Saturday, August 3, 2013

"Canada Bigfoot Bulls**t Video"

(Still from the alleged Canada Bigfoot video)

(Editors note:  Below is an example of what the media usually writes about. The Canada Bigfoot video is being promoted by a Television company to promote a new venture. A giant publicity machine who has this video all over the world in the press. That's the company's job to promote. Is the video authentic? What do you think?
The article also touches on the Ketchum DNA joke. From what the scientists state according to Rick Dyer, Bigfoot DNA is completely  unknown. The are not related to us, we are not related to them. So there for, the Ketchum DNA study is a complete waste of time)
Press article
Eerie footage shot in the Canadian wilderness has set off speculation that the mystery figure filmed in the distance could be the legendary Bigfoot.
The startling video allegedly shot by a couple hiking in Mission, British Columbia, shows a large, gangling figure covered in hair, lumbering over a forest hilltop.
As always with these kinds of sightings, the clip is very blurry, but from what the viewer can make out the figure emerges from a tree and is visible for around 20 seconds - before appearing to punch a few leaves out of the way before disappearing out of sight.The silent video has been viewed over 50,000 times since it was uploaded onto YouTube on Wednesday - however it is not clear when exactly the clip was filmed.
According to Crypto-zoology website 'Legend Tracker', the couple were on a hiking holiday when they spotted the mythic creature in the distance and began to film.
The tantalizing footage has left Bigfoot believers hoping that experts can examine it and therefore prove that the legendary ape-like Sasquatch does indeed live in the forests of North America.
At the beginning of July, the claims of Texas veterinarian Melba Ketchum's that she had proved the existence of Sasquatch with DNA evidence were refuted.
The 'sample' she said proved the existence of Bigfoot turned out to contain mostly opossum DNA, mixed in with markers from other animals, according to tests.
Houston Chronicle science reporter Eric Berger says there is no evidence that any of the DNA in the sample belongs to a Sasquatch or any other hominid cousins of humans.
When Ketchum released her 'scientific study' of Bigfoot earlier this year, Berger hammered her for not submitting the paper to a credible peer-reviewed journal and not allowing mainstream researchers to verify her work.
Instead, she launched a journal of her own, the DeNovo Scientific Journal, and published her findings online and charged $30 to read the work. 'If Ketchum really had the goods she would have co-authored the paper with reputable scientists and gotten the work published in a reputable scientific journal,' Berger wrote in February. 'Instead she’s playing to an audience that doesn't understand how science works, that wants to believe Bigfoot exists and is willing to send her some cash to further their delusions.'
However, Ketchum approached Berger and offered him definitive proof of her findings - she would let his friend, a top Houston geneticist, take a sample of her Big Foot DNA and test it himself.
Ketchum claims the sample came from a family of ten Sasquatches that lives in northern Michigan. She says the sample was taken from the crumbs left behind after the Bigfoots ate blueberry bagels. Berger admits he allowed himself to get momentarily excited by the prospect of testing Sasquatch DNA.
If the evidence backed up Ketchum’s claims, I had a blockbuster story. My geneticist source would have a hand in making the scientific discovery of the decade, or perhaps the century. Ketchum would be vindicated,' he wrote.