Monday, August 19, 2013

"Bigfoot Is Coming SOON: Relax"

"Artist rendition of "Hank"

  • Editors note: Here is a quote from someone who questions that Rick Dyer shot a Bigfoot)  "All he has to do is release the body to the public you can't fake flesh an Blood".....
  • Our answer to that question:  If it were that easy, almost anyone could go out and do it. Also, all the other discoveries that you don't yet know about like the recently released "olinguito" would have been released a long time ago. Go back and Google the press release about it and how long it took to provide legitimate research and scientific data to support the existence of a tiny mammal as compared to a Bigfoot....... "If he really has a body"...... If you are not sure by now, that indicates that you are fairly new to this story and have not yet fully researched and followed up on all public records surrounding this case or just blatantly refuse to accept the facts and testimony presented to you thus far. In the not too distant future, you and all the others who share your opinion on the matter, will understand just how exhaustive and complex the entire process really is. This WILL NOT be RUSHED to accommodate the impatient and doubtful few.
  • While we always appreciate peoples opinion and honesty, I suggest you refrain from making such statements for the time being, keep an open mind and wait for everything to be released and then decide what you believe or not or if you are unable to, move on to another forum that suits your needs and expectations.
    Consider this, if it took that long to substantiate and classify such a small mammal, try calculating the realistic time it would take to substantiate scientifically, one of the most elusive, mysterious, intelligent and enormous mammals on the planet. I guarantee, it will not equate to 15 months. Even if it was released to the public after it was shot and by Rick Dyer too, without the legitimate substantiation from main stream science supporting his discovery, how many people do you think would believe it?....... Even IF IT TAKES LONGER, IT WOULD BE WORTH IT!!!!......That way, people don't have a choice BUT TO ACCEPT IT, like the "olinguito". Has anyone gone on record and claimed that was a HOAX too?....IT'S COMING...01/01/2014