Wednesday, August 21, 2013


Albert Ostman


By Lynk Paul Team Tracker Member
This story is one of the most well known of all encounters to everyone long entrenched in Bigfoot research. The purpose of this series is mainly, to enlighten people who are new to, and interested in the subject of Bigfoot, present and future research. 

At this time, Albert was trying to figure out exactly what kind of animal this could be. In his sleeping bag, and in almost a sitting position, Albert tried desperately to reach his sheath knife which was beneath him but couldn’t. However, his trusty rifle was in there, right in front of him, tightly clutched in his hands, there was no way in hell he was going to let it go. He could also feel the cans from his back pack hitting his back with every step the creature made.
After what he estimated to be an hour of traversing a more or less level terrain, he could feel the creature descending up a steep hill. He could actually feel himself rise with every step. Whatever was carrying him was breathing heavily and at times coughed lightly. Now Albert was thinking to himself; this must be one of those mountain Sasquatch giants the old Indian told him about.
He was in a tight position, literally, totally unable to move. As I recall, he mentioned that one of his shoes was crossways beneath him with a nail from the sole, digging into his foot. I can just imagine the terrible pain he must have in, not being able to move and all. Now they were traversing downhill. He could feel himself touching the ground and the creature at an elevation below him. He soon got to level ground again and trotted for a while. All the while, Albert was in terrible pain from the cramps in his legs and wished that they would reach their destination soon, not being able to withstand being carried like that too much longer.
They were now traveling uphill again, the pain subsided a bit and He tried to estimate distance and direction traveled. He estimated they were moving for about three hours, as he had no idea exactly when he started to move because he was asleep when he was picked up. Finally the creature stopped and dropped him and the back pack; he could hear the rattling of the cans. Then he heard a strange chatter, a language he did not understand. When he was dropped, he rolled downhill a bit and managed to get his head out for some air. He attempted to straighten his legs and crawl out but both his legs were too numb.

Still under the cover of the early morning darkness, he could not see what this creature looked like. Constantly massaging his legs so he could get his shoes on, He heard the sound of continuous chattering all around him. By now, he knew he was among the Sasquatch, as described to him by the old Indian. As dawn began to break, he could see their silhouettes against the faint background light. 

The only thing on his mind was, how do I get away from them? Finally getting circulation back in his legs, with the help of his rifle, he attempted to stand, although a bit wobbly, he was able to, sore foot and all. He shouted out to them, “What do you fellows want with me”, but heard only more chatter.

He could now see them clearly, four people, two big ones and two little ones. All covered in hair and no clothes. He could now see the mountains all around him and the time on his watch was now 4:25 am.

(To be continued)