Tuesday, July 30, 2013

You are not Captain Jack Bigfoot Pirates

By Alexes Pereira Team Tracker Member

     So, my little old FB page was removed by the Bigfoot Bullies. I have been reported as underage and while it is a bit annoying what bothered me most was possibly losing pictures of my kids… losing connections to people, places and things was secondary.

     Why me, I am a TT member, but I slide under the radar keeping quietly to myself except for a few blogs here every week. And I do not even force you guys to read them.

     Then a TT friend made me aware that this part of a plot to infiltrate TT, just like Bigfoot Warz has been overthrown. The new page boasts “anarchy” and doubtless the perpetrators think they are all “punk rock” and cool.

     This started with the FBFB, when the citizens of Bigfoot town decided that it was ok to suppress freedom of speech and our rights to share information on-line by harassing FBFB and eventually closing down their YouTube account.

     I think the ones involved must think they are doing something for some higher good as if they are the self-appointed vigilante cops here. But in harming people they are the ones that are slinking like low worms. That’s a little feedback for y’all.

     There were already two recent offshoots from Bigfoot Warz so why was it necessary to overthrow and make trouble? Maybe personal revenge, but I ask, when will the fighting and conflict end?

     If this was happening to our kids on the playground we would know it was wrong, we would not tell our kids not to be a cyber-thug. But we forget to be accountable for our own actions

     If North Korea shut down FBFB or tried to gain access to Team Tracker we would call it Cyber –Terrorism. In fact that is what this is given the degree of dangerous and ruthless people operating in the Bigfoot Community.

     Some of this posse have lost their hearts and are just blindly and angrily following the ringleaders. As a reminder, misusing social media, impersonating and harassment can be criminal acts. I am hoping people will stop now and start thinking with clear minds and open hearts before they end up in hot water.