Saturday, July 13, 2013

"Steve Kills Guests List: A Comedy Of Errors"


I never listen to Steve Kulls Internet radio show. For one thing I get enough Bigfoot information each and every day. If it happens or is going to happen, I know about it.  I do know the quality of guest he has had on lately are a total joke. A week or so ago he had on Tim Fasano. Mr. Skunk Ape is not well liked in the Bigfoot community. The guy is full of himself as much as so many others are. They bring nothing to the table. Tampa Tim has spent along time in the Florida swaps looking for the Skunk Ape and has come up empty. Oh sure, he's faked some video's and foot prints, he rides the coat tales of others. Fact is he is a crummy "researcher" and I use the term loosely. See the blog on Tampa Tim on the link below.

                                                   (Tim Fasano in his Tampa Tim Taxi"

Now Kulls as reached an all time low by having Don Boucher on his show. Don Boucher? Are you kidding me? This guy better known as "Douchebag Don" is nothing but a total bulllshitter. Did Kulls forget the fake information he put out in regard to Rick Dyer's body? Saying that someone Boucher knew saw the body? How about the fake picture he posted of the body. Just a few weeks ago he was lying that he was in Vegas and setting in a car outside Rick home. He even posted a picture of it. Guess what? that was not Rick's house. How about the video he posted a few months ago saying he was a Rick Dyer supporter?  The guy is a major trouble maker and like Fasano is on a major ego trip. That's the funniest part of all. Garbage in, Garbage out.



Douchebag Don has nothing to offer and why anyone would even listen to this guy makes me wonder. But then again, Charles Manson had a following. The only thing Boucher has in common with a Bigfoot is his size,  although Bigfoots are in shape, Don wants to be the center of attention, Don likes it and he likes to bullshit everyone. This is what people do who have failed in their private life, have no job and live in their Mother's basement. A total looser who tries to make himself out to be something he is not.

Continue to follow these people and they will lead you straight into the water like the piped piper. BEWARE! These people are not your friends and will stab you in the back when the opportunity arises.

                                           (Douchebag Don hard at work between many meals)

No one gives a crap about what Douchebag Don has to say. He's a pathological liar. You'll all find out soon if you haven't already.

See the blog I wrote a few day sago on Fasano below:

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