Friday, July 5, 2013

"Shooting Bigfoot NEW Review"

Morgan Matthews’ documentary Shooting Bigfoot concerning a crazy American subculture has a whiff of Louis Theroux about it (a resemblance not helped by Matthews’ similarly softly spoken style of inquisition), but is an entertaining examination into the world of professional, and not so professional, Sasquatch hunters.

With a divisive ending that is certain to pose more questions than it answers, it's slickly assembled with a rousing set of animated opening credits, we follow Matthews as he hangs out in the backwoods with three distinct groups. We meet Dallas and Wayne, two good ol’ boys and amateur trackers whose other halves have long since given up trying to make sense of their obsession. Then there is Rick Dyer, who's adventure is what the film's title is based on.  Then  there is Tom Biscardi who has a team behind him and has been in the business for decades but seems reluctant to let Matthews in on everything. As one would expect from the entire industry, there is humor to be found in just how seriously they all take it.

From Biscardi barking at his wife to fetch him a Snapple, to Dallas and Wayne’s problems with their audio set up, the film has its fair share of chuckles at the expense of the subjects – but never in a cruel way. A menacing air hangs over the segment with Rick and leads to many of the most enthralling moments.

What impresses most is that it is also capable of producing a real sense of unease about the possibility of this legendary cryptozoological specimen actually existing. Featuring some candid, seemingly not-for-camera interactions and unbelievable (in every sense) individuals, it plays just as well as any film. It wraps up too quickly and some strands are frustratingly left dangling but as a fun documentary it rattles along and keeps you constantly guessing.
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