Tuesday, July 2, 2013

“I wish I knew How To Quit You Rick Dyer!!”

by Alexes Pereira Team Tracker Member


Rick Dyer is like that ex-boyfriend that you can't seem to forget. You fell hard for Rick Dyer and his possible Bigfoot body in the Summer of 2008. Now he is back in your life and you want to be mad and you want to tell him to F off but try as you might you are hooked once again by this bad boy.
Rick bruised egos and disappointed the men and women of the Bigfoot community and now it is payback time. Hell hath no fury like a Bigfooter scorned!
But the thing is, here is a little secret:

Most of the Haters are Closet Believers.

Yes, it’s true. This is why they chew on  every word that drops from Rick’s mouth and spend hours goggling and conniving and creating nonsense.
 Because they are conflicted.
They can't stand that he might have a body for real this time and the little children are crying and stamping their feet.
It is called denial.

They cannot admit that even a small percent of them,( however remotely located), thinks there is a chance Rick is telling the truth. They hate him, they love him, they cannot get enough of him.

 If they did not have some hope, they would simply walk away. But Rick and his Hankfoot are irresistible and they cannot go on a no-Rick diet for long. Pretty soon they fall off the wagon and want more and more.

Even the newcomers that were not aware of the 2008 escapade are mad at Rick Dyer. They are so afraid they will be disappointed like they were for Smeja and Ketchum that they stonily clamp their eyes shut and refuse to put even a toe on the fence.
But really, what is the harm in maybe? What is the worst that could happen if it is a hoax, what us the worst that can happen if it is real?
Pride goeth before the fall.

That is it; our tiny selves would rather shout and scream than be wrong. We don’t really care about Bigfoot we care about our shiny egos.

Straddling the fence, living in maybe or hoping it may be true may be the least cushy place to sit, but it is the place before we lost our innocence, when we actually believed that life had potential and mystery and wonder.

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