Friday, July 26, 2013

"Daz Is 'Quick' With Cartoon Flick"

 By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker
We've been enjoying the animated cartoons that Jeff Brown aka Daz Quick has been doing recently. They take an enormous amount of time to make. I laugh out loud at most of them as they quite funny. Children also spend hours making this little gems. Kind of like the Seth MacFarlane started out doing. You can see that Rick Dyer, myself and Team Tracker are very important to him that he even has given Racer X (Randy Filipovic) use of these cartoons.

He's done a toon on just about everyone on the team from Rick Dyer to Hank and the most recent one is of  Craig Phillips, our Head of Security joining the ranks of Musky Allen, myself and now Craig seeing the Bigfoot body. Craig was present when the body was moved over this past weekend and Jeff made a cartoon of that event.

We started buring the animated gems to DVD, so the entire team can have them forever. I'm trying to think if he's missed anyone on the team. So, I'm going to go over all of our team members names to make sure they all get animated.

So Mr. Jeff Brown aka Daz Quick. Keep those animated cartoons coming. We truly enjoy them and have burnt them to disc to watch anytime and look forward to seeing more.


Here is a like to his channel below.