Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Bigfoot's Son Rocks Out!

By: Melissa Harsh - Team Tracker

Have you guys heard this news story yet? It's pretty hilarious, though not
for the victim. Unless his idea of hilarious is getting repeatedly hit in the
head with a baseball sized rock by a naked man who's screaming about being a
descendent of Bigfoot. If that IS his idea of hilarious he just had the
funniest day of his life. Let me explain.

It all started on Thursday morning, October 10th, when 58 year old Jeff
McDonald decided to go out hunting in the woods behind his house in rural
Washington County, Oregon. This was not something McDonald did often, and
something tells me that after this he won't be hunting for a long time.

Everything was going fine, until McDonald suddenly spotted a naked man,
whom he quickly realized was the 20 year old Linus Norgren, the son of his
neighbor, coming directly towards him. Norgren had a baseball sized rock and
began hitting McDonald with it over and over. Eventually McDonald was able
to fight off the man, but not before receiving a dislocated shoulder, a
broken finger, and an injury to his eye. All while the man yelled and
screamed about Bigfoot.

Luckily McDonald had his hunting rifle with him, which he used to hold
the deranged man at bay while he called for help. But help wouldn't
arrive for 90 minutes because the state police troopers and county deputies
that responded to the call got lost in the dense forest where McDonald
and Norgren remained. Eventually they were forced to use air horns to
locate the pair.

Now for the shocking part- police believe Norgren was under the influence
of some sort of drugs! Can you believe it? Haha, let's hope it was drugs
and not just regular old craziness. Norgren was arrested and faces a bunch
of charges. McDonald will recover just fine from his injuries.
So just remember kids, drugs are bad, Bigfoot is good! m'kay?

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