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"Top 10 Alleged Bigfoot Shooting Stories"

(Editor: There is only one person who ever shot and killed a Bigfoot and his name is Rick Dyer. But for years tales of shootings have made the rumor mill rounds. Here is a list of  5 of the top 10 alleged Bigfoot killings of legend. The remaining 5 will be posted later this week.

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10. Sulphur River Bottom Shooting East Texas Shooting  Track found and second-hand account of grandparents' visual encounter.

Occurred November 1956

Witness Observation

This incident occurred in 1917 to my paternal grandmother and members of her family. She was 18 at the time and the family lived somewhere near the Sulphur River bottom in extreme East Texas, southwest of Texarkana.

Based on my recollection of what had been told to me over the years (she died in 1975), most of my grandmother's family lived in and around the Atlanta/Queen City area south of the Sulphur River, and at the time in question, she and her immediate family were living in a farmhouse somewhere west of Queen City and south of the Sulphur River (where Lake Wright Patman is today).

Her family apparently moved around quite a bit in that area and it's hard to pinpoint the exact location of this farmhouse. My grandmother was always referring to Knight's Bluff in her many stories. I'm not exactly sure of the location of Knight's Bluff. I believe it doesn't exist anymore (site submerged by the lake?) in that in my life-time I've never heard of it except in the references of my grandmother and father.

I remember my grandmother telling how they (mother...father...and some combination of her many brothers and sisters) were "coming home from town" on a bright moon-lit night in summer, and on one occasion I recall she specifically mentioned Knight's Bluff as being that town. And since they were riding in a mule-drawn wagon, I suspect they were somewhere within 8 to 12 miles from Knight's Bluff, wherever that was. She said they turned into the lane leading to the house. One detail I seem to recall is that she referred to the pasture to their right as the "east pasture", implying the lane led north to the farmhouse.

According to her the first indication that there was a problem was that the mules were acting up. She said her daddy said something about a snake, then they heard "something." I honestly don't recall her exact words, "screaming", "squalling", a high-pitched eerie wail (my words).

The moon was high, the night was flooded with bright moonlight. The tree line beyond the east pasture, where the sounds were coming from, was very black in contrast. She said they watched as a tall figure came out of the trees and stood full in the moonlight. It was as tall or taller than a man and covered with long dark hair. I do remember that my grandmother said it stood absolute erect and walked slowly toward them, like a man, not slouching like an ape. All the time it was howling and shrieking and motioning angrily at them. Her father fired a shot at this thing and it turned and ran back into the woods.

Getting to the house, my grandmother said the dogs were all cowed under the porch. They barricaded the doors and spent a fearful, though uneventful, night.

The next day, and several days thereafter, her father, brothers and neighbors ranged through the woods looking for any sign of this thing, blood, fur, tracks, but nothing was ever found.

This is probably the most interesting of the old tales my grandmother and father told me over the years in that it was the only story in which a creature of this type was seen clearly. There are many other intriguing tales including one where I was present, but I was only six, and as I told Mr. Woolheater, these stories (except the one I was present) were all told to me many long years ago, and thus are very unscientific.

9. Seven Devils NC Bigfoot Hunt 1885'

OBSERVED:    My Great-Grandmother told me this story.  She was a Cherokee Indian and they lived in the mountains in western Watauga County in the late 1800's.  She was 13 years old and had gone to gather some food along a creek in the bottom of a deep hollow.  While she was there she heard some shooting up on the ridge to the north.  A few seconds later she heard someone running down the side of the ridge towards her from the direction she had heard the shots.  She was scared since at that time it still wasn't a good idea for an Indian girl to be caught out by herself by a white man, so she hid under some bushes and watched where she heard the running steps coming from. Instead of seeing a man come down the side of the ridge, she saw a tall hairy creature about 6 1/2 to 7 feet tall, covered with light reddish brown hair.  She said that she knew it was a "nun yunu wi" (one of the Cherokee names for Bigfoot) and that it was a male.  She said the hair on its head and shoulders was a lot longer than on the rest of its body. It went over to the edge of the creek about 60 feet from her, where there was a big pile of leaves, sticks, dirt and debris washed up from when the creek had been up out of its banks.  She said it laid down in the edge of the debris on the side next to the creek and started covering himself up with leaves and sticks and stuff.  She said he covered himself up and completely hid himself. About that time she heard some men coming down the side of the ridge from the direction the BF and the shots had come.  She decided then that she needed to get out of there before they got there, so she got up and sneaked away back to home. She said she couldn't see any blood on it but the bigfoot acted like it was wounded.  She said it was on two legs but hunched over a lot.  She also said that she didn't smell anything like they did other times the "nun yunu wi" were very close by.

8.  Coquille River, Oregon ShootingLOCATION DETAILS: About 20 miles from Coquille,near and above the North Fork of the Coquille River. The sound seemed to this child of 10 that it came from across the North Fork in a wooded mountainous area near and behind a ranch that was located there.


NEAREST ROAD: Coquille-Fairview Rd.

OBSERVED: Something was pounding on something like a log. That brought one of my brothers into the house to alert the rest of the family to "Come hear this."
We went outside & stood in the driveway, and heard the most frightening guttural roar you can imagine! This accompanied the pounding on the wood object. This lasted several minutes. The evening was clear, warm, without wind. I do not remember a moon. Neither brother could explain what was happening and I recall being scared out of my wits! When the sounds subsided, the family returned inside. The incident was not discussed in front me again. As a child, I was privledged to live in this remote beautiful area and allowed to run free. Sometime later, a boy friend & I observed what we were told must have been a bear in a thicket of alder trees near the house. The feces found there later contained crawdad shells and berry seeds, with a horrible odor, but the creature we saw was not a bear. The hard dry ground showed no tracks. Our fathers were loggers and we were well versed in the local wild life. While this all happened a very long time ago, I still get cold chills remembering those sounds.

Years later, my fiance & I were driving North on
Oregon's Hwy 101 near Cape Perpetua North of Florence, OR. The highway is narrow, two lane, with Pacific Ocean on the West & steep rock cliffs on the East. I was watching the moon over the ocean, turned sidewise, facing the ocean. A very large black creature rose from a cleft in the cliff and towered over the little car we were in. My fiance yelled "What the hell was that?" I only caught a glimpse of the thing through my peripheral vision, but it was huge and very fast. I suppose we surprised it as much as it surprised us. It terrified me. My fiance searched for a place to turn around as he wanted to go back, and I refused to let him. We were armed with what suddenly seemed to be a very small weapon, considering the size of the creature! When we returned home, my fiance told his father about the encounter. His father told us of the rancher at the foot of the Capes (Also on Hwy 101) who had been riding to check on his cattle when he heard a cow bellowing in agony. His horse became nervous but he forced it on and found a very large hairy animal chewing on the live cow. He carried a 30.06 rifle and shot the creature. It stood up and ran off on two legs. He followed until he lost the trail of blood in the rocky terrain. This is the first time I have ever heard of someone shooting and wounding one of these creatures. It is also the first time I've heard of this creature eating meat of any kind.

Our encounter was in the late evening with clear skies and a full moon. My fiance saw the creature in the headlights and had a great view of it. He knew it was not a bear, and didn't think it was human in a fur suit. Facial features did not have a snout and the arms were too long for a bear's front legs. I was too terrified to grasp any features. I have never felt fear like that before or since.
The rancher's encounter was in broad daylight, clear skies, rocky terrain, no trees.

7. Hal’s Lake Road Bigfoot Incident

Details of Encounter / Incident: The truck was moving very slowly through the thick lowland forest on a road that was not well maintained at the time. Just as the truck crossed a small creek or branch and started up a slight grade on the other side, the brother with the light asked the other if he had farted. The other brother told him he had not. The first brother immediately asked, “Then what is that ungodly stench”? Before his brother could respond, the man turned the light toward the woods on the passenger side of the truck and immediately saw the glowing eyes of two large animals in the dense undergrowth beside the road. (The witness told his family that the two animals were actually within ten feet of the side of the road and a few feet above the roadbed.) When the carbide light illuminated the two animals, the two men were petrified to see two huge, hairy human-like creatures standing on two feet in slouched positions. The men saw the animals’ heads were dome shaped and elongated at the top with pronounced brow ridges, and the eyes large and dark. (The surviving witness failed to tell the family members about the reflected color of the animal’s eyes.)

The faces were partially covered with hair with the exposed parts being dark grey with the look of leather. The larger of the two animals was estimated to be over nine feet tall with long arms, and its fingertips were near its knees. There were places on the larger animal’s body where the hair was missing, and the witness thought the animal had the mange. There was mud and forest litter entangled in hair on the rest of its body. Although the witness did not recall seeing evidence of the animal’s sex, he assumed it was a male because of its size and shape. He said the animal’s shoulders were close to four feet wide. The smaller animal was between seven and eight feet tall. His description of the smaller animal was sketchy because he understandably focused on the larger of the two. The witness stated that one or both of the animals produced an overpowering “stench” like that of a wet goat combined with the odor of rotten meat. The observations were made within seconds.

During that brief period both men were frozen in fear, but then the brother with the gun screamed, raised the shotgun and fired point blank at the larger animal. It roared and screamed as if in pain, and both animals wheeled around and left crashing through the trees and underbrush. The witness said it sounded as if a bulldozer was being driven through the timber at top speed. When the shot was fired, the driver stopped the truck and got out to ask the man what he had shot. When the two men told him what they had seen, the driver accused them of having too much to drink. (The two men did have a bottle of moonshine whiskey in the back of the truck. The surviving witness told the family members the two had drank some of the whiskey to “ward off the chill”, but insisted neither of them were even close to being intoxicated.) The driver told the two men to get out and help him look for blood, but the two refused and instead told the driver to “get them the hell out of there”. The driver laughed, took the light from the man holding it and walked up the small road bank to look for blood. He did not go far off the road, found no blood and returned to the truck. The two men insisted on leaving the area for their homes. According to the family member who relayed the account to the field investigator, the two brothers never spotlighted deer again after the incident. None of the men were willing to return to area to look for the animal that had been shot, although the witness thought the animal would have died from having been shot at such close range with  a 12 gauge load of buckshot

6. Franklin County Creature Shooting

My great grandfather was an avid hunter along with my grandfather. My grandfather would bring his sisters along for the hunt and train them. My great grandfather was noted for having some of the best hunting dogs in the area.

One evening while they were all hunting together, please keep in mind that they hunted all of their lives. Also, please take note that they were hunting for sport as well as for food needed to make it through the winter. They raised cows, pigs, chickens, mules and horses.  They grew their own vegetables and tobacco, that they lived completely off of and they would go into the woods to the creeks and fish for catfish. I was even told that if you knew where the fish were, you could cheat and keep throwing dirt into the water. Which would bring the fish to the top and you could grab them. Once again while they were out hunting on this particular night, the dogs picked up a sent and started barking and pursuing it. They followed the trail for a while until they cornered this thing. They did not have flashlights back then so they used lanterns. As they raised their lanterns to see what it was, they said that it was something they had never seen before. The dogs were barking at it but never attacked or charged, great grandpa shot at it. Well that is when everything changed for them concerning hunting. I was told that this thing let out a scream that none had ever heard before or since. It was not a panther, bear or anything that they were familiar with in the woods. The screams were like that of a woman screaming and a baby crying at the same time. Extremely loud and the dogs took off running and everyone else followed. It was so terrifying that they all never went hunting at night again, ever.

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