Sunday, August 18, 2013

"Open Letter To Christopher Noel"

Editors note: Christopher Noel posted an open memo/letter to Rick Dyer on our "I Shot Bigfoot" Facebook page yesterday without asking permission to due so. That letter is still  up, we could have taken it down, but we didn't. Mr Noel states that Steve Kulls could have been dealt with in a different manner. We disagree. Below are our answers to his statements which is available to all "I Shot Bigfoot members"

"Open Letter To Christopher Noel"

Mr. Noel! I hope the members who read this Rick Dyer page see that you had been allowed to post what you did on Rick's own page. Insults and put downs saying things about his character takes alot of nerve. Would you allow such a thing on your own page? I think not.

What Rick did to Kulls and Dobbs was well deserved and a long time coming. They have done nothing but tarnish his name and reputation. Kulls cost Rick thousands of dollars in moving expenses by being a scum and making his home address public. He caused major trouble with the forest service and cost Rick more thousands of dollars in his lies. ...

The guy is nothing more than a prick. If you took offense to him being "punked" That's your problem and it's sad.

You are correct. You will have no dealing's with Rick Dyer. The door has been shut by him, as the door has been shut permanently on Jon Foss aka "Jack Barnes" and Facebook/FindBigfoot.

3 people have seen the Bigfoot body and went public and all have been called liars, hoaxers and worse. The haters have made major trouble for them as they do for Rick. These 3 have nothing to gain in going public but they did to try and inform the public that Rick Dyer did in fact shoot and Kill a Bigfoot and has the body to prove it. Not one of them are or was paid to say a word. No one on Team Tracker is paid. They all volunteered and were hand picked by Rick Dyer.

All 3 will be on Rick show tonight (Sunday 8/18) at 9pm eastern time. The show will be broadcast on YouTube. Mr, Noel, you are invited to call in and talk to Rick head to head if you want or any of the three other people who have seen the body of Hank. Rick hates people who hide behind a keyboard and won't talk directly to him. Each show the haters are in the chat room name calling and acting like grammar school kids. But, when they are invited to call in to talk to Rick directly, not one would do it. This happens week after week, show after show.

The haters can go to hell. Rick Dyer has nothing to prove to them. They should be locked up in a mental facility in a room with bars and padded walls. Rick Dyer will soon be the most famous person in the world. Then, all the people who put him down and accused him of lying will bend over backward to try to get back in his good graces. But, it will never happen. He has the Bigfoot body and no one else does.

(2nd letter)
Mr. Noel, the point is you were allowed to post your statement on our page without asking first. It was not taken down and is still up. We have no problem with you. This is a free country and you are allowed to express your opinion. While we may not agree with you on how Kulls should have been dealt with. Rick Dyer is his own person, as are you. What would you have done if Kulls did half of what was done to Rick? Publishing his home address and phone numbers. Putting his children in danger and the rest of his family. You know all the details. We're not going to print them here. Would you have liked having people show up at your home all hours of the night or getting phone calls from nuts? Putting your children/family in harms way?

Just put yourself in his shoes and experience the torment and insults that come his way every single day. We think Kulls got off easy. He got a free round trip to California paid for by the same people that he also exposed by letting out the real names and business dealings of Jon Foss aka "Jack Barnes". and Jack Anderson (Fake name). Those people have no shame. They use people to their own advantage for personal gain.

This discussion has ended. We don't have the time for tit for tat. We have important work to do. DO NOT post anything related to this topic again. You want to discuss Bigfoot, you are most welcome. Steve Kulls, no posts please. Regards