Friday, August 9, 2013

"B Day Is Here"


By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker


Steve Kulls is on a flight from New York state to Los Angeles as of this writing. He's been invited along with others to see the live Bigfoot now in captivity. He clams he's going to LA to bust a hoax. So, let me get this straight. His flying all the way to California, thousands of miles for what then?

(Steve Kulls)
Jason R. Barone, which is J.R Dobbs real name is also driving to Los Angeles. He's the guy who made a series of YouTube videos talking to the homeless people in San Antonio where Hank was shot last September. On several videos, Barone aka Dobbs interviews a guy who everyone can tell is on crack. Now...there's a star witness for you. If the guy told me it was raining, I'd look out the window first before I took his word. Barone is justs a kid trying to make a name for himself. The names he's making are not good ones though. We cant print them here as there may be children reading this.

(Randy Filapovic)

Then we have Randy Filapovic who calls himself "Racer X."  He never accepted the invitation claiming he would not be able to get a passport within 24 hours. Does he actually think anyone believed that story?  

Filapovic has an entire blog devoted to Rick Dyer for the only purpose but trash Rick Dyer and anyone who is associated  with him. He has not guts and now he's backed into a corner so his followers see that he was given a chance of a lifetime and come see this amazing being, but made every excuse in the book not to come. He made a fool of himself to everyone in the Bigfoot community of which he is not.

We hear that a person on probation is now allowed out of the country in Canada. Filapovic claims he's not on probation. But, he claims alot of things that we all know is not true. The challenge was made the very first day this invitation went out that if he did not come. Shut shown his blog. He's so hell bent on calling Rick Dyer's a liar and a hoaxer but refused to except the invitation  and come to see the live Bigfoot.  Enough of Filapovic. Time for him to fade away quickly, never to be heard from again.

Finally we have Pinkfoot, real name Cindy Shafer. Doe's ANY of these people use real names (LOL). I'm not going to waste my time on her. Read this mornings blog for the poop on that one. When you see a woman walking around LAX with a bag on her head, that is Pinkfoot or should we say Bagfoot"

                                                        (Bagfoot, formally Pinkfoot)

Here is the link to this morning early article on these people. "I'll be back"