Thursday, July 25, 2013

'Spike TV 10 Million Bigfoot Bounty' Reality Show'

                                               by Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

WARNING! In reading this article you may find grammatical errors, misspellings and typos. You try writing 2 or 3 Blog's a day on 2 to 3 hours sleep a day and see how YOU do. To the haters who are scum and make jokes about someone who is recovering from a heart attack I say this. How many Bigfoots have you seen? How many dead Bigfoot bodies have you seen? To these mentally disturbed fools I say "Keep your eye on the TV news, see then who has the last laugh"

   As I wrote about yesterday, Spike TV announced the '10 Million Bigfoot Bounty' Reality Show'. Nine teams all compete for $10 million in an effort to determine if Bigfoot actually exists in the United States 
The show premiers in January 2014. The host of this show is Dean Cain, star of  `Lois & Clark,` who is described as team leader."
Ok, Nine teams will compete for the money each week. Does anybody know who these 9 teams are? We know that Dallas and Wayne had been considered. They have been doing Bigfoot research over 15 years. They didn't get signed to do the show. I guess Spike TV isn't interested in any experience? Tim Fasano was considered he claims also. But, I guess Spike didn't want 60 minutes of Palmetto trees as footage and shaky cameras. Fasano sweats too much to look good on TV and he has an explosive temper. Plus, he'd loose out on his cab fares tied up with filming a TV show. Tampa Tim has had his power shut off more than once when he couldn't pay the bill.

(Tim Fasano?)
  We heard the hoaxer Justin Smeja will be one of the teams. JUSTIN SMEJA???  Mr. Bear meat DNA guy?? Are they freaking kidding us? Anyone that believes his story I'd like to meet. I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell them. But for some reason the "Haters" as we call them never went after this guy. Strange.

                                                                              (Justin Smeja)
  The show is just another network trying to jump on Animal Planet's "Finding Bigfoot" show ratings. But that shows ratings are about to tank. Week after week they find nothing and never will. Matt Moneymaker has his own off beat ideas and a super ego. He's another researcher that has an Tasmanian devil  temper.
  What the hell are those shows going to do when the Rick Dyer's Bigfoot body is released?  That events is going to knock these shows out of the Bigfoot Ballpark. Get ready people. We are about to enter the 9th inning.