Thursday, July 18, 2013

"Slovenian Sasquatch Caught on Video?"

There has been some pretty wild videos coming out of these regions recently and other places. Remember the Bigfoot that was allegedly caught and caged about a year ago in Russia? The video was an embarrassment and why the hoaxers thought it be considered real is a mystery.

I wish Facebook Find Bigfoot was still doing a study and breakdown of these videos at the moment. The video in question is called "Slovenian Sasquatch Caught on Video". It shows a man walking down a patch panning his camera and spots a Sasquatch. In his YouTube video, he stops the video frame for a second to show the being, then replays that section at the end over and over.

The guys made this statement:

Unbelievable… I missed 2 Bigfoots while walking by on close distance… I only recently discovered these impressive creatures on some old material. Filmed in the Forests of Ċ nickltj, known for it’s Bigfoot sightings. Slovenia 2005. Sorry for the crappy quality..)

Is it real? Who knows. With the explosion of cell phones over the past several years, YouTube is filled with these kinds of videos. The worse being the Butchy Kid videos which are always good for a laugh. No one takes Butchy seriously, why should they. Some of the other Slovenian videos have titles like "DYING UNICORN caught on tape", "MATING MEAT WTF - Dead Alien Remnants come Alive in Laboratory" and "HAPPY NEWS from my Yeti wife." Cryptomundo actually did a story on this video. Are THEY  kidding?

Here is the link for the Slovenian Sasquatch video. See what you think. Is it a real Sasquatch?

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