Friday, July 19, 2013

"Heading On Down To Boggy Creek"

                                                    (Poster (1 sheet) from the classic movie)

by Stickfoot Team Tracker Member"

As Jason Judd, Thomas Coffield and I prepare for our night operation in the woods close to where the Boggy Creek Monster first reeked havak on the sleepy little town over 40 years ago, the anticipation of the thrill gets ever more intense. We plan  to sit and wait all night observing the night creatures and the sounds that they make in hopes of catching a class A recording. Game cameras, digital recorders will be prepped and ready. As the night moves on we plan to lure the monster in with a few "Rick Dyer-Master Tracker" tricks.

Who knows, we may get lucky. At the least we are in for a scarry night. When you are tucked in for a safe and cosy night sleep, Team Tracker will be on operation deep in snake infested backwoods in hopes of serviving in the Boggy Creek Monster's layer.

(Editor note: Good luck guys, sending you all best wishes for an encounter with the
the famous local resident)

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