Tuesday, July 2, 2013

"Hank's Garanimals Click Clack Keys"

By Frank Cali Assistant Vice President Team Tracker"

I never thought in a million years that I would be going into every Wallmart in town to look for Garanimals click clack keys. If you have read Rick Dyer's book "I Shot Bigfoot" you know how important these keys are to that night of September 6, 2012.

The keys play a very important role in what happened that evening in Texas. It's also a very touching part of the story. Hank had a pair of these keys with him at the time of his and Rick's encounter. These keys are now with the body at Rick's request and will stay with Hank forever.

No none knows if  he liked the color of them or was taking them back to his own family. It is hard to say. Rick thinks about them often and so do I.

So, my son Keaton and I went to every Wallmart in my area. I thought I'd be lucky to find one or two of them. When I went into the first store, I was surprised to find about 20 of them on the shelf and I grabbed them all. Next Wallmart, the same thing and so on. I now have approximately 40 pair of these keys.

 At check out the woman asked me what I was going to do what all of them. I told her "These are keys to my apartment", she looked up at me and said "I'd love to see your apartment" lol

 But seriously, these keys hold a special place in my son's and my heart now and we will cherish them always.

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