Sunday, November 25, 2012

Is Team Tazer Imploding! Bravo Didn't want to be a part of a hoax!

Late last night former member of Team Tazer Damien Bravo emailed us And explained why he left Tazer. Mr. Bravo stated "Tazer and Sanh Evidence was trying to pressure him into being a part of the Sierra Kills Hoax". He also stated that they were bragging about getting so many people involved.
Mr. Bravo also provided us with this information from Sanh Evidence PayPal account "bigfoot evidence customer service".

Sanh Oriyavong
Bigfoot Evidence
79 Marilyn Cir
Sacramento, CA 95838-2023

We don't believe that this is Sanh Oriyavong home address but the address does come back to a
Shin Oriyavong. Mr. Bravo ask us not to release his name! Unfortunately we don't play sides, We report the the whole story.

Posted by Sara Gilbert


Musky Allen said...

Yep, it makes sense why Damien Bravo left team Tazer, i wouldn't want to be part of the Sierra kills hoax either!

Anonymous said...

Dam Rick remind me not to fuck with you.

Anonymous said...

Bravo a knew he was a good person!

Anonymous said...

Go Bravo

Anonymous said...

So Bravo allowed this to go without exposing it all this time...the damage it has done. How good of a person is that ?

Anonymous said...

The whole Tazer team and the snarky scowl faces who hang with them are suspect...Steve Streufort, Sharon Lee, the chicken dude, etc.

Anonymous said...

Haha...Tazer members you're better off not to be complicit in the Sierra Hoax. Better to abandon...before you get implicated in the biggest hoax to date. Some of your members have dark involvement. Walk carefully and treat Bravo with kid gloves.

Linda Sedlak said...

Damien Bravo is a stand up guy, and I admire and respect for taking this stand. Well done Damien, Stand firm, we are with you.