Thursday, November 29, 2012

Merchant Jealousy Rage on! Rick Dyer "Thanks For The PR!"

Rick Dyer has more supporters than people know, But their is no need for jealousy Merchant!
You also said you would never give Dyer P.R Again, Well i guess you hoaxed that to because
all Team Tazer and Merchant seem to talk about is Dyer and his followers!

                                                                      Merchant in five years!

                                      Look at the comments by Ro nasty mouth child!

Michael Merchant
Again? WTF?
Again? WTF?


Anonymous said...

damn they didnt talk about me this time- Tim Mitchell i dont know why google wont let me sign in today

Musky Allen said...

Merchant is obsessed with Rick Dyer. lol, that picture is priceless!

Anonymous said...

Ro = Hollywood wanna-be! He's a punk!

John Melland said...

Rick (the Dick) Dyer!!!! Maybe you should change your interest and passion for The National Inquirer!!!

Anonymous said...

Its just a matter of time when Merchant,Ro, Shawn and his buddies are exposed as complicit in the Sierra Hoax. Justin and Shawn both from Sacramento...hmmmm. Just a matter of time that Bravo tells the world. Be careful guys and sleep good.