Friday, November 30, 2012

A growing number of bigfooters are standing up to groups like Team Tazer Bigfoot!

A growing number of bigfooters are standing up for free speech in the bigfoot community
Many groups like Team Hater Bigfoot like to  try intimidate people into only posting News that
benefit them, Tim Hunter isn't the one! Here's what he posted on his Face Book page!
Tim Hunter


Anonymous said...

Good 4 him!

Tim Hunter said...

I am having it out with Facebook, I ask you all to kindly help promote our cause by posting this legally by Sharing this post, Write a news article, or by copy and pasting it legally where you can. Thank you.. This email was sent for all of us bigfooters. 

This is not only false information to me, it's a problem for a group of ten's of thousands who without proper evidence have also been warned or have had there account suspended...

My name is Tim Hunter, CHRISTIAN MINISTER and BIGFOOT RESEARCHER. I am currently in Administration for TIM HUNTER'S BLOGSQUATCH, and also linked to which is my TIMELINE.
Sent to Facebook Support on 12/01/2012

Firstly I would like to make you aware of the contradiction in which you state your warnings, I have never exposed my sites to your accusations of violating your RULES, When it was your own Website that made to me and other fellow Bigfoot administrators, the recommendations in the first place.
Yes your in violation of your own rules, if this is the case. Requesting friendship is all we have done, and did this with consent from you, and how? by the means of your recommendations you send us all. Do you now see the contradiction....I am confident that when hearing about the very important problem Facebook and the ten's of thousands Bigfooter groups, friends and Subscribers face because of a few Bad Apples, you will want to consider changing your policy.
Let it be known, We in the Bigfoot Communities are willing to fight for this change. We have several years of law experience between our Bigfoot Communities and are aware of our rights to free speech. Our goal is to help educate you on what is going on, in the very Popular Bigfoot Groups, Friends of Bigfoot and on Bigfoot Timelines. 
Like I said, there are a few Bad Apples within the Facebook Bigfoot Community that call themselves TeamHaterBigfoot, and they have been standing up to there childish antics and name lately. There goal, Sabatage the successful Bigfoot feeds, forums, friends and Timelines.. They do this by Requesting friendship under false information, getting others to login to there temporary sites and reporting false accusations, and this is just one of their tactics. I myself have an open forum so doing this saves them a step. So at this time they have us under the barrel, and for along time, the cause of these accusations and suspensions on all our Bigfoot accounts, and we the Bigfoot Communities have had enough.
I urge you to take this problem, we in the Bigfoot Communities file as top priority. Please contact me at with your status and solution to this accusation we are not responsible for. 


Facebook warning message you receive prior to the inevitable Suspension of account.

Friend Request Notice
We received feedback that you sent friend requests to people you don’t know, which isn’t allowed on Facebook. Please only send friend requests to people you know, like classmates, family, friends and coworkers. Otherwise, you could be blocked from sending friend requests.