Monday, May 18, 2015

I-4 Dead Zone "The Real Haunted Highway!"

The "Dead Zone" of Interstate-four is emerging as the most popular Central Florida haunting legend. This section of I-4 is located at the south end of the Interstate-foubridge over the St. Johns River in Seminole County. The so-called Dead Zone is only about one-quarter of a mile in length. This area is reported to have an unusual high number of traffic accidents which date back to 1961. In addition to traffic accidents and fatalities, people are now reporting other strange phenomena such as static on car radios and cell phones that will not work in this section. An investigating team of mediums have reported detecting "cold spots" and "psychic vibrations" in this area. So what is the the real story behind this strange section of the Interstate? The history of this area goes back to 1887 when the Florida Land and Colonization Company tried to establish a Roman Catholic Colony in this exact area. The Colony was called St. Joseph's Colony and was headed by a Catholic Priest named Father Felix Prosper Swembergh, who was also Orlando's first resident priest. 
Team Echo will bring you more information on the Ghost of I4.

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