Wednesday, October 9, 2013

"Buy "After The Shot DVD & See Bigfoot Body In Person"

By Frank Cali President Team Tracker

The time is here. The moment many people thought would never happen. We want to thank all of our supporters who've stayed with Rick Dyer and Team Tracker the entire journey.

This is for all the people who knew the truth. The ones who tuned in every night or as much as possible to hear Rick speak about that incredible night in San Antonio, Texas September 06, 2012.

It also for the new people who have begun to open their eyes and study the information that's been presented.

To give you something very special before the press conference in December, we have brought out a total of 100 DVD's called "After the Shot." The DVD shows you in HQ quality what happened that night in Texas, right after Rick Dyer fired the shots that brought down the actual Bigfoot. You will see what was done to get the body to the refrigerated truck and the trip to the research facility. Good video in HD Quality, that will give you up an close look at this amazing being called "Bigfoot," I wont say any more, as I don't want to spoil it for you.

 Then, we are offering "The Autopsy". This is the actual autopsy done on the Bigfoot body and what was involved tin his remarkable discovery.  The price for "After the Shot" is $188.00, "The Autopsy" is $129.00. As a special bonus to you for supporting Rick this past year, everyone who buys the DVD will be invited the Team Tracker party in Vegas in December. There you will be able to see the Bigfoot body we call "Hank" in person. In one of the DVD cases will be a special "ticket" that let's you to get your photo take with "Hank", This is very special, as no photos will be allowed for thee general public.

Derek Randles

As another bonus for the people who can not come to Vegas, we have set up a special Pay Per View on December 12, 2013 so you can view the Bigfoot's first public appearance. Derek Randles, one of the most respected researchers in the Bigfoot community will be there, along with many surprises. The Pay Per View is only $99.00 for a short time only. So reserve yours now BEFORE the prices go up.

 To purchase the DVS's and to order the Pay Per View click HERE





Anonymous said...

You seem to think you are an expert on Bigfoot evidence. You report that one is fake after another. But always reminding others that team faker has the real bigfoot. But people have to wait a little longer. You are one dumb ass old Fuck, you ain't got shit. But more stories. And if Rick played tricks on others by lying to them I would of beat the money I wasted out of his and your ass. You puppet. Get some balls of your own!!!!!!! Pussy

Ron Strowdomis said...

Seems like EVERYONE hates Frank Cali.