Tuesday, September 24, 2013

"Our Official 1000th Blog"


  1.                 Our 1000th Blog & Going Strong


Here it is, we have reached our 1000th blog entry. When I took over the Blog, there was at approximately 500 articles published. Now we just hit our 1000th.

The very first Blog was:

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Breaking News!!!!! A bigfoot is Dead!

That was the headline. The first news that a Bigfoot had been shot and killed. Alot of things have happened this past year. Rick Dyer started his broadcast speaking of "Hank", the bigfoot he encountered in San Antonio, Texas. The "After the Shot" DVD is about to come out and be shipped to the 100 people who bought  this historic video of an authentic Bigfoot body that Rick Dyer shot and killed on September 6, 2012. We are still taking pre-orderes for the DVD and I hope you will orer your copy today, before they are sold out. And sold out they will be. Rick Dyer and several Team Tracker members will be taking the body on tour all across America to give each and everyone of you a chance to see an actual Bigfoot body in person. The myth is now a fact. Bigfoot will no longer be in the same category as The Loch Ness Monster, Moth Man and other unproved beings. Bigfoot is indeed real. That's what this Blog is all about. To inform you of the latest with Rick Dyer and Team Tracker, the Bigfoot news, to tell you the truth about the Bigfoot community and the people that are part of it. Some good, some bad. Thanks to all the people who contributed articles and also our guests who wrote several outstanding entries.Thank you for coming back again and again for the truth and solid facts about Bigfoot. Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

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From Lynk Paul Editor Team Tracker

Well it has been a tumultuous time for Rick Dyer and Team Tracker. This past year had no shortage of “ups and downs “as Rick would call it, that’s putting it mildly. I can still see the dust in the in the distance at our rear, from the trail we blazed.

We have had many trials and faced the grueling hate from a few who have now fallen by the wayside. Yet here we are, those of us who remain, standing tall through it all. Our cause is true and just, we will never waver, we will never fall and “AT THE END OF THE DAY, YOU WILL SEE A BIGFOOT BODY” and all scientific supporting data.

We at Team Tracker are a group of individuals and professionals with disciplines in a wide array of backgrounds. We are an international Team of people with common interests and goals. Our main priority, to promote to the World, the facts and the supporting evidence that;

 Rick Dyer, on the night of September 06 2012, in San Antonio TX, did shoot and kill a Bigfoot and retained the specimen for scientific study and to present to the World, not only as a newly (officially)discovered species but the discovery of the millennia. This also exonerates him and countless others from across the globe that will finally have their long awaited redemption.

Because of the bold and brave efforts of Rick Dyer and Team Tracker, you the people of the world will know the absolute truth about the existence of Bigfoot. You will forever remember RICK DYER, THE MAN, THE LEGEND and his LEGACY.
“I can't complain, I'm in the best place and time in my life. A bit overwhelming at times, the caliber of people I meet but you know me...I can overcome any obstacle in my way. The best part is earning the respect and friendship of these great people and to be of service to my friends in any way I can.”
“Fear of the unknown has been prevalent far too long. I prefer to make known the unknown, to conquer and extinguish fear, to gain deeper understanding and respect for the marvelous and wondrous world in which we live”
“There are many things still yet to be discovered in our modern time both on the Earth and under its seas. Many, which have already been discovered before, now reside in folklore, myth and legend; Welcome to a new world of re-discovery and adventure” 

By Jason Judd Team Tracker Member
What it means to be a part of Team Tracker to me.
Nearly a year ago, I saw the “tent video” for the first time, and I thought to myself—Wow! I watched and watched and watched, over and over and over again. I showed the video to my wife and then the color version came out. We were both amazed. This is the absolute best video evidence to date and so much better than the P/G film. Subsequently, all the YouTube video editors out in cyber-space placed their mark on it as the real deal. Everyone in the bigfoot community was ecstatic and drooling.
Then Rick let everyone know it was him.  Mostly everyone flip-flopped.
I was amazed that a guy’s name could turn this into a hoax. He’s hoaxed before, and simply put, he admitted to hoaxing (telling the truth)….to a group of people that will believe anything in order to be considered sane to the rest of the world.
Those people that lost nothing but time, in their mind assumed a position of hatred towards Rick that was mind blowing to me. People in the BFCom would then go out of their own way to spread the hate all over the internet—even if he never had directly hurt them.
Many saw this happen—including me.
I didn’t care……..
The video. The video. The video.
I know what I saw on the video. YouTube video editors know what they saw on the video. You know what you saw on the video. I didn’t know Rick personally or know him well in 2008. But I know Rick now.
I started following Rick on his blogtalk and enjoyed the show. It was very entertaining to listen to all of the people calling in and asking questions that didn’t exactly relate to “Hank.” The questions were more along the lines of questioning Rick and his story. I thought, WTH? Why don’t they ask about “Hank?” I finally called in and asked. Rick answered a few and didn’t answer a few; alas, I re-asked those questions again only differently so I would know where his answer led. I bored the hell out of Rick. The teeth, hands, foot pads, no mid-tarsal break, the brow ridge, slopping forehead, and triangle ribcage were all answers that I got from Rick…..not verbatim, but I got answers. This was my turning point on wanting to become part of this discovery!! I’ve been watching the BFCom from a distance for two decades and I was very apprehensive to all of the stories that “researchers” would claim that a Bigfoot was, and I felt it was all completely unbelievable even though I know that they are real.
How could Rick know? The only thing that he has been told, before Hank , was that bigfoot was a large bipedal Gorilla with a backwards bending feet and had gorilla nostrils with a sagittal crest sharing human feet and hands. <<<<ß---Is that really believable to you? It is not believable to me and it never has been. Yes, I have made a claim over the air that Bigfoot is a Meganthropus, and there is where I will remain bound with sure feet.
Proof: Nearly all footprints casted that are real are identical to the footprints from pre-history footprints that have been discovered which are different from the human gait and foot alignment all together. All of these footprints spread their weight evenly across their medium, but they all have a lateral arch as well. Don’t believe me? Get a membership with the “Science AAAS” website and read all of the anthropological published journals on the discoveries so far. For all of you science nuts like me, you will be impressed. For those that want to argue without information and base your education from Slicki-Wiki, you will have better luck in a mirror.
I am now part of a team that watches each other’s backs and enjoy our friendship, which is just getting stronger—NOT TO MENTION PART OF A TEAM THAT HAS A BIGFOOT BODY.
·         We stay strong together no matter what happens.
      ·         We support each other no matter what happens.
      ·         We argue together and still care the next day.
      ·         We get annoyed with each other and still care the next day.
      ·         We believe in each other.
      ·         We help one another without asking about trust.
Who wouldn’t want to be a part of that? Any “club” that has this kind of bond is fruitful. Add something to it and “BAM” it becomes remarkable and amazing.
I am a Tracker, and I am part of this discovery.  I am proud. You should be proud to be considered sane among your peers now for talking bigfoot. Enjoy and embrace it. 

(Editor note: Please check this blog several times a day. We always post severa; articles a day, 7 days a week. I fanyone would like to write an article, you are most welcome. Just email it to teamtracker1@aol.com. We'd love to hear from you. Again, thank you)