Thursday, September 19, 2013

"Breaking News: Derek Randles to View Bigfoot Body"

By Frank Cali Vice President Team Tracker

If you missed Rick Dyer's and Team Tracker's YouTube Show last night. Derek Randles was a special guest on the program. Rick Dyer invited Derek to view the Bigfoot body and he accepted the invitation.
Derek Randles is highly respected in the Bigfoot community and we all are thrilled that he will be viewing the body of "Hank", the Bigfoot that was shot and killed by Rick last September 6, 2012 in San Antonio, Texas.
Derek Randles
Also if you missed it. The body will be going on a nationwide tour to all major city's in the US. This will give everyone a chance to see this historic discovery.
No longer will these being's be considered a myth. As I've said over and over, people will no longer be afraid to come forward with encounter's or sighting's they have had. No one will laugh at them any longer. I am sure there are thousands of sightings and encounters that have went unrecorded due to good honest people being afraid to report such events.
For the past year, people were quick to call Rick Dyer all kinds of things. But he knew that he had the proof. He knew that those "Haters" would end up looking like fools in the end. Now, that time as come.
I can't stress enough how important the "After the Shot" DVD is for everyone to see. This is the video you all must see. You will now be able to show your family, your friends and the people who had the guts to laugh in your face and say you are crazy the undisputable proof there are Bigfoots. The video is your proof. For everyone who buys this historic DVD, you will be invited to see the body in person with your own eyes at the Rick Dyer Team Tracker party in Vegas.
Whatever you do. I would make some adjustments in your budget and purchase you copy NOW. This week.  When all 100 are sold, that will be it. Reserve your DVD right now, before the 100 are gone.
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