Saturday, August 24, 2013

'The Aussie Bigfoot...the Yowie"

By Kim Little Team Tracker Member

Footprint in the mud


As you might know there is a Bigfoot that lives down under in Australia, “the Australian apes”, “Yahoos” or “Youries”. Today, they are generally referred to as Yowies

The list of modern-day eyewitnesses includes zoologists, rangers, surveyors and members of the elite Special Air Service Regiment, also general people...

I am not going to type here all the different reasons why you should believe that there is such a creature. I only want to give you the reasons why I believe there is such types of animals..

Who am I , just a normal hard working blue collar worker that has a interest in these so called myths. I was a keyboard researcher for a few years and although there are some great quick videos online, I was sick to death of all the blob squatches.

Through talking to some great researchers that have a clue I was keen to get out there and check it all out and find out if the story's are true or just made up.

At this stage I guess you could put me on the fence about believing such a creature existed..but I was open minded, ill tell you when you first go on your investigation (I hate that word) you really find out how sceptical you really are , I saw lots of broken branches, scratched trees and obvious signs of them,cI was surprised with myself, I though I would be yes yes thats them but I wasn't..

It took many trips going out there seeing the signs, taking notes and noticing the tree marking, foot prints and sounds. 
Tree marking

Before I came a true believer, I would only be denying the evidence that was in front of me and remember I saw and heard all this.

Now I have many sound recording ..I have one what I call yowie vs dirt goes for at least 3 hours a couple of dirt bike riders traveling up and down the bush, every time the bike leaves their area you here a large CRACK and then a response from over another area CRACK..when ever the dirt bike would come back and then leave you would here these wood cracks....CRACK!

Keep in mind in Australia we have no known animals that makes large tree sounds...

Australia is allmost the same size as USA but we only have roughly 23 million people and mostly spread around the coastal regions,

Of that population there is about 99.9% of people that do not believe there is such a creature..its in the yowies favour that it stays like that...

Yowie bark sign
yowie bark sign 2

From what I know there are about a few hundred people actually following the yowie information,out of that there's maybe one hundred very interested, out of those about 50 people getting out in the bush, of theses people there is about 10 doing it repeatable, and only maybe 4 getting results..and I take my hat off to those guys getting out there.

So if you ask me why this creature hasn't been found in Australia, I will say this...(Im not an expert)but Africa has fully funded millions of dollars to study the gorilla, full time researchers, camps and indigenous trackers.....and it still takes them weeks to find and track gorillas..

What do I think they are...good question.....I don't know, but they are very similar to the gorilla with their actions and the eating habits

We have hair samples, foot prints, videos, scientist will put there neck on the line for it..So unfortunately a body is the only way people will believe.. I would like to thank all those real researchers that are trying to find the answer...