Friday, August 9, 2013

"Racer X Pal Thomas Berlin Caught Hoaxing"

                                                               (Berlin ticket hoax)

Thomas Berlin Caught Hoaxing!

Well, well, well, it looks like the haters are now hoaxers.  We already know about Don Boucher’s hoaxing ways, but now we can add Thomas Berlin to the growing list of hoaxers.  Berlin posted this image of a boarding pass on Facebook claiming that he was traveling to LAX to see the baby Bigfoot

Click here   Wed site to make bogus tickets.

Slime ball Thomas Berlin tried to pass off this fake ticket, but only a child would ever fall for that. Berlin is connected to Racer X and we know he's full of crap.

Berlin tries on the average of twice a week to get re-added to our Facebook pages again and again. He's like eating a bad dinner that keeps coming up hours later.

I hope people will see just what kind of things there Haters do and wise up. His IQ must be lower than a parakeet .

 Go to your room and sit in the corner Thomas before your parents ground you (LMAO)