Saturday, August 17, 2013

"A response to Chris Noel's post"


In response to Chris Noel's post. Musky Allen, Frank Cali and Craig Phillips just to name a few have indeed seen the Bigfoot body. It's is a life changing event and also very emotional experience.. We have no bad feeling against Christopher Noel. He is one of the most respected writers and researchers in the Bigfoot community. No one was let in in the prank of Kulls until it was happening.
Another point. Not one person on Rick Dyers team is paid whatsoever. All are volunteers with various experience to bring this discovery to the world. Each member stands behind Rick Dyer,as they know the truth that he does have a Bigfoot body. Rick has a team with members from all over the world. Each one has experience in various fields to make the team solid and secure.

To focus on what happened. Rick Dyer invited the scum of the Bigfoot community to LA to teach them a good lesson. You don't know what a bastard Steve Kulls has been to Rick. Did Steve Kulls, J.R. Dobbs and Jon "Jack Barnes" Foss and Jim “Jeff Andersen” Larranaga, really think Kulls would see anything. Foss and Larranaga, along with Kulls will NEVER see the Bigfoot body. Rick does not take well to back stabbers. Let us not forget, it was Kulls who disclosed Foss and Larranaga real's names and what business they are in. They they would go to a scrumbag like that, plus what they said about Musky Allen, Frank Cali and Craig Phillips, basically calling all three's testimony into question is bullshit.
Who the hell cares what Foss and Larranaga think? We don't. They look like jackasses. Unproven information being told to viewers and readers. They had their YouTube channel shut down for multiple copyright violations. The book they had out had to be taken off the market. They are bull headed and insist Bigfoots are a cross between man and ape, which it is NOT. They insist they have a mid tarsal break, conned head. They do NOT. It's all incorrect information. They "think" they have credentials., but they don't. They are not scientist or zoologists. They run a Swim school.

Anyone who had any backbone wouldn't use fake names. They are just afraid that people from a business standpoint would laugh and run in droves from the Swim company and it would shut down. They are only concerned  with  M O N E Y.

Thank God the nonsense from Meldrum and Kulls, Jack and Jeff will be put to rest. Kulls has not one single thing in his years as a "Bigfoot Detective" to show for it . He's a night desk man at a nursing home. He don't have a pot to piss in. A total loser and a joke in the Bigfoot world.

All of you may want to run away and turn your back on Rick Dyer. But, I guarantee  you will all be trying to suck up to him when you see the news conference and you all looking at the biggest discovery in hundreds or thousands of years. But, you'll all have to look from a very long distance, as none of you will ever get close to the body. It will be surrounded with plenty of armed guards to keep the bastards out.