Wednesday, July 10, 2013

"Meet Stickfoot, Team Tracker Member"

                                                                   (Stickfoot Tom)

By Stickfoot Team Tracker Member

A Blog from Stickfoot, "A Heart of Gold"

Hello BF friend:

I started serious BF research last year in Iowa. I've been on 2 expeditions with a 3rd scheduled in 2 weeks. I don't have a class 1 sighting yet, but have seen things that are unexplained. On one expedition i witnessed two trees pushed over in opposite directions approximately 9 feet apart. These were the only two trees broken off at the trunks in the whole area. I witnessed hearing them crashing down less than 50 yards away from me on a night op. The next day, we researched the area and cast several foot prints. I'm convinced BF is real.

I started following Rick last February when I heard that he killed one. By March I was convinced that Ricks claim was true. In April, I applied for Team Tracker membership and was granted it 30 days later upon unanimous vote from the then, current members. Since then I've managed to listen to all of Rick's blogtalk shows whether live or recorded. In June I flew out to Vegas to meet Rick and other TT members and went on the Mt. Charleston Expedition.

If you want an unbiased opinion of Rick, I'll say this;

The good, he has a heart of gold! His compassion for other people's needs is remarkable. He has given more of his money away to needy people than anyone I personally know. He is also a man of his word. I took him a couple of TT caps to Vegas, he said he would pay  me when I was out there. The day I left to go to the airport with Chris Sands, he still hadn't paid me, but he ran out of his house and stopped the car and told me he forgot to pay  me but to send him a paypal request and he would take care of it. Soon after I got home, he reminded me again on a show and I sent him an invoice and he paid it immediately. When it comes to money, rick spends a lot on others and he pays more than his share. During our stay in Vegas, there were 10 of us that he bought steaks and groceries for. He also spent over 300.00 the morning before we went out outfitting the group with supplies. Rick never asked for any money from the team during the expedition, he took care of us from the time we landed to the time we took off. His wife, Lily was exceptionally hospitable opening up her home to all us thugs spread out over her living room. She also cooked authentic Mexican tacos the morning we left for the mountain. Great people, Rick and Lily!

The bad, his vocabulary is sometimes less than appropriate for all ages. I've got on to him a few times about it, he jokingly will retract a word just for "Stickfoot". I appreciate that. He can also be outlandish, ie, the book burning. Anybody who would pee in front of people is a little outlandish. I'm not saying he's wrong, just different. I'm a lot like Rick when I'm with my high school buddies. I've done things more outlandish than that.

I see Rick as  a celebrity.  The pressure for him to "top" the last thing he did will always be before him. I hope he can settle in and not let the fame overtake him and remain the person with the heart of gold he is today.



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