Monday, July 8, 2013

"Team Tracker and the New World"

                                       (left to right: Wayne, Rick, Dallas, Frank, Dale, Robin, Chris,
                                        and Melissa Big Jake)
                                           by Alexes Pereira Team Tracker Member

We have to give credit to those earnest and clever Bigfooters that have paved the way for Team Tracker. Bigfootery is bogged down with hoaxes and blobsquatches and after a while all of those Bigfoot casts and mounds of hair and poo are too much. But to those true believers all of the blobby pictures and sticks structures and moaning howls bring heart and meaning to their search, perhaps only a souvenir of a memory and at times as evidence for Bigfoot.

But not proof.

I will say, and sorry to offend anyone, that the Blobsquatches bring on a migraine for me and I am so pleased that we will soon have a real Bigfoot body to gaze upon. Not that I am happy the Bigfoot  is dead, but it will be refreshing not to have to squint and/or measure James "Bobo" Fay in comparison.
Rick Dyer has set the precedent for the Bigfoot community and  this may be the only Bigfoot we will see this close up in our lifetime. Think about it. It is momentous, not just to the community, but to the world.

Rick Dyer is a home-grown Bigfoot tracker, the methods he used are part and parcel of who he is, how he was raised and what he believes. Rick Dyer, a self-made man, did not read a  Bigfooting field guide or study Apes in the Congo, he drew upon his particular skills and gifts as an outdoors man as an ex- Army shooter, as a businessman and even as a survivor of drowning and he persevered past everyone’s and his own doubts, to hunt down and kill a Bigfoot.

The Discovery of Bigfoot has as much to do with Rick Dyer’s story, his determination and his flying by the seat of his pants style as it does luck. Maybe it was having faith and being savvy enough to track a less feral Bigfoot. Add to that more than a bit of big balled bravado and that puts him in San Antonio on  September 6th   2012 with the worthy Morgan Matthews at his side.

We have to give Rick Dyer his due, hate him or love him it was his flawed brilliance that made the discovery of a lifetime possible. It took Rick Dyer over 90 expeditions to find Bigfoot because he is tough and stubborn enough to  accomplish what he says he will in his own inimitable way.

And as for the other researchers who have books and theories galore, they will have to hit reset and just try to absorb all the new information. Some of them are wise enough to be receptive and to feed on the new data, and some will have their worlds rocked and their pride and reputations a bit muddied.

Team Tracker are not scientists or scholars but we will be the ones that will set the table and serve up a feast for the community and for the world; a bunch of regular Joe’s and Jane’s changing the game and setting the rules.

This does not happen often in life.

Team Tracker will be taking the world on a journey that shifts lives and changes the pages of history. Literally, books will have to be rewritten and almost every field in science and medicine will be affected. That is just from the new data and physical evidence, but what of the undeniable knowledge that we are walking amongst Giants?
How does that change our world view? How do we as humans relate to these beings and what will our future bring? Just on the fact that the Bigfoot is intimidating and “different” will we recreate the wars and genocides that have haunted humankind?

I hope we can bring our children along on this new thrilling adventure without all of the baggage and strife that we have had so far. Imagine the wonder in their eyes as they are part of history and knowing that as they look into the trees they will know that there lurks the mysterious giant known as Sasquatch.

Team Tracker and Rick Dyer will be vindicated. All witnesses will be able to smile and know they were right, not crazy and telling the truth. Team Tracker will expand its research to China and Europe and Australia and Canada.

So let’s put aside our differences and celebrate with Team Tracker as we prepare for Global Bigfoot; a New World.  


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