Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Breaking News: Bigfoot/SkunkApe habituation site has been located in Central Florida

We decided to release this for Public Safety and the protection of these creatures.

Warning if you stumble upon this site and try to harm the creatures in any way we will protect them any means necessary including lethal Force.

Evidence will be released through many credible third-party sources.

Central Florida Bigfoot/SkunkApe Research Habituation Site
Central Florida - October 18, 2016
Bigfoot/SkunkApe habituation site has been located in Central Florida off of S.R.40 West of Ormond Beach, FL. The exact site location must remain confidential until further notice, because of unwanted traffic. & the undisclosed property owner/host hereby offer this Press Release for the purpose of Public awarenessthat from our experience with these creatures thus far, they seem to be harmless, but we strongly recommend safety measure to anyone who might come in contact with them, as one should with any wild animal.

Controversial figure and Master Bigfoot/SkunkApe Tracker, Rick Dyer along with several collegues are presently investigating and have confirmed on two occasions so far at this particular location, Bigfoot/SkunkApe sightings & property owner/host direct communication with several of these creatures. What we have witnessed in the past few days the property owners have experienced for years.

This is the biggest discovery in history and will prove the existance of this creature.

Rick Dyer Ormond Beach, FL

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