Saturday, May 16, 2015

Dr. Jeff Meldrum another Bigfoot profiteer?

The good Dr. Jeff is idolized by many in the Bigfoot community. The Idaho State professor has a very impressive collection of footprint cast. Meldrum has also been featured on many television and radio shows over the years. If you think he does it for the love of Bigfoot well you need to think again. Meldrum's minimum appearance fee is $1500 plus all expenses. He makes a living off a theory that he created for profit. He recently ruffled some Bigfoot feathers because he took part in the TV show with accused Hoaxer Todd Standing.

To understand this you must have an Understanding of the Bigfoot community. 
Everyone's a hoaxer & profiteer in the community. If you make a video or try to get yourself out in the public eye your profiteer. From Derek Randles to Tim Fasano they all do it for monetary or popularity gain. The only true Bigfoot enthusiast are the ones you never
heard of. 

Many Bigfoot hunters
and enthusiast has come and gone through the years but only one man has admitted this. Rick Dyer is best known for his big media hoaxes that has gotten him international attention over the years and made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Dyer stated "Me and Dr. Jeff Meldrum are traveling down the same road we just get to the end differently"  Dyer is the only admitted profiteer/ hoaxer in the Bigfoot community.(keyword being admitted 

After all these years Dyer still maintains that he shot and killed a Bigfoot outside of San Antonio Texas on September 6, 2012. Lucky for him it was all being filmed for the documentary "Shooting Bigfoot" for the BBC. Shooting Bigfoot was released in mid 2014 and is one of the most watched documentaries ever in  British Broadcasting history.



Anonymous said...

Funny thing one is lying scammer and the other is an objective scientist . Want to guess who is what???

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