Friday, December 12, 2014

Phil Poling analysis of Todd Standing's Bigfoot is heavily flawed

Comparison of still from footage of purported bigfoot to photo of Todd Standing.
Comparison of still from footage of purported bigfoot to photo of Todd Standing.
Phil Poling analysis of Todd Standing's Bigfoot is heavily flawed and we will tell you why.

The world of Bigfoot is no stranger to scheisters and hoaxers. In fact, the entire phenomenon could be nothing more than a mix of chicanery, misidentification and gullibility.
Yet the subject is enormously popular, with internet forumsYouTube channels, numerous television programs, and even conservation groups focusing on the possibility of the existence of an undescribed, bipedal, North American ape (or demon, alien, or interdimensional being, depending on your point of view).
Enter Todd Standing, a self-avowed bigfoot researcher. Standing has purportedly had multiple encounters with these creatures and has even published photos and videos of them. Standing's footage aired during an episode of Les Stroud's Survivorman series, and shows a bigfoot peering through the vegetation. The creature even blinks its eyes in the footage (and has become known as "Blinky" as a result). Extraordinary claims
require extraordinary evidence, and in the eyes of many, Standing's is not only insufficient but downright (and laughably) fake.
Phil Poling, photography expert and former law enforcement official, and Daniel Falconer, a special effects expert, have written a paper refuting Standing's evidence. In it they analyze Standing's photos and video footage, and make some pretty compelling points and discoveries using stills from the video and photos of Standing himself.
It's a fascinating read if you're interested in the subject. If you're a believer, it's a good guide to critically thinking about the subject and how to NOT go about trying to convince others that bigfoot is real.

Just because you work or have worked in law enforcement doesn't make you more or less credible than the next guy when it comes to Bigfoot.. eg. Rick Dyer former State Of Georgia SERT Officer (2008 and 2014 iinternational /hoax) and Mathew Whitton Clayton 
County Ga Police Officer(08 Hoax with Dyer).

We spoke with TV Special Effects Expert M.A Wright (Walking Dead Vampire Diaries). He stated "There's really noway to tell from a picture ,I could do the same with your picture and make people believe you was the Bigfoot'' 

No matter what anyone says NO-ONE will have credibility in the Bigfoot Community till a dead one is produced. So people you just might be seeing a real Bigfoot when you look at Todd Standings Evidence.   

Wayne Williams There's more evidence Rick Dyer , at a part in Les Stroud's Bigfoot show .When he camped alone , with a camera panning around in his solo camping segment . In the background trees a face appears for a few frames then vanishes . The face is about 8 ft high , pale in colour and not in human dimensions . I found it doing a frame by frame analysis , nobody mentioned it , and i got no reply when i messaged him about it 

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