Monday, June 16, 2014

Rick Dyers Tent Video and Shooting Bigfoot Remains best Bigfoot Video of all time

Almost two years later and Rick Dyers Tent Video and Shooting Bigfoot Remains best Bigfoot video of all time! The only real evidence that has ever been released that proves Bigfoot is real.

Despite what the haters say about Rick Dyer . He remains the top story in the Bigfoot community!
After all the lies , Blog post and more Rick dyer remains on top. People can't get enough of Rick Dyer!
The haters failed in every way possible.

Q. Rick what do you think about the haters?

A. The haters made me popular way before the fake
hank came out, They made me mad money
and I got to tour the US and met many good people along the way! i love everyone that has made

Q. Are you worried at all about them?

A. lol.. I control every move they make. I know how to get under their skin and make them say my You must understand I am the most important thing in the their life's . They get up and go to bed thinking about me.. Look at my haters  ...lets sum it up... They all hate their life,Very Jealous , Very lonely , fat, old and retired, it's hard for them to make friends or something fucked up like that...
These people have nothing to do!!!!!!! I am their life!

Q. What is next for you?

A.  All my energy will be on Bigfoot for the next two months.!

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